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Count Neropulos was the former regent of Serenia. He took control over Serenia after the death of the King and Queen, and the disappearance of Princess Iris.


He wears a black cape with a high collar, blue pants, and black boots. He has gray hair and a mustache. He also has fair skin. He also has on a light blue undershirt, and a dark blue coat with yellow ends and yellow shoulder pads.


Neropulos is shown to be very easily angered. He is a liar, deceiver and power hungry. He is cruel, having to had plotted to kill the princess for the sake of Serenia's throne. He is described by a citizen to be a crook.


Greedy for the throne of Serenia, Neropulos forged an alliance with Cordelia and her daughters, Rospunda and Villania. They plotted against the ruling monarchs and there is a high chance Neropulos had them killed in a car "accident" while Cordelia kidnapped baby Princess Iris. Neropulous had planned to murder the princess but due to a prophecy he could not. Instead, Cordelia and her daughters kept Princess Iris as their prisoner, forced her to keep house, attend to them and fed her lies about the outside world to prevent her from trying to escape.

After the death of Serenia's king and queen, Neropulos rose to power and ruled with an iron fist for the next eighteen years with no one daring to outwardly question his right to rule.


Season 3

Cordelia and Neropulos are accomplices!

After Milly's identity was revealed to Serenia's citizens at the palace, the citizens realize that she is their long lost princess. An attendee explains to the Winx that after the death of their monarchs and the disappearance of the sole heir, Count Neropulos came into power as the kingdom's regent. Neropulos had been called a "crook" by the attendee, revealing Neropulos' terrible reputation.

Because of the commotion, Neropulos marches straight into the ball room and demands to know of its cause. It is then he shockingly learns that the long lost Princess Iris has returned.

And soon, an outburst from his accomplices, Cordelia, Rospunda and Villania, (which nearly revealed their plans) causes an uproar, and he "punishes" them by sending them to the dungeons to await trial for their crimes.

Neropulos meets his fate.

Neropulos visits them in the dungeons to discuss what had occurred and also devise a plan to allow the accomplices to escape so that they could get away with their plan. They were however, overheard by their enemies and tried to escape. While his accomplices were apprehended by Prince Hargon, Neropulos fled elsewhere only to be chased by the Winx.

Entering a room containing his secret weapon - his monstrous, evil slave. He opens the jar and has it attack his enemies so that he could keep control over the kingdom. To his dismay, the Winx use convergence and effectively stunning the monster. And as Neropulos takes out his anger on it, the monster retaliates and drags him inside the jar as well. The jar is then sealed by magic and Neropulos remains trapped there for all of eternity. Thus, freeing the kingdom from his tyrant ways.


  • His name closely resembles the word necropolis which is a cemetery and more specifically, a large and ancient one.[1]