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Nex is a member of the Specialists as of Season 8 and was enrolling Linphea College. He is Thoren's friend and Aisha's boyfriend.


Nex has light navy blue hair with side burns, fair skin, and light hazel-colored eyes. He usually wears a pair of piercings on his left ear. However, in Season 8, the piercings is omitted.

As Nex was introduced in Season 6, he did not have a civilian outfit until Season 7. Instead, he was mainly shown wearing his Paladin uniform.


  • In Season 7, Nex's outfit consists of a red, long-sleeve shirt with a white collar; a khaki utility jacket; blue jeans with a navy blue belt; and khaki hiking boots. He also wears two metal bracelets and a black bead necklace.
  • In Season 8, Nex wears a gray hoodie with green and light green striped edges with a yellow lightning in the center, underneath he wears a yellow checkered shirt. He wears jeans that are torn at the knees and yellow sneakers with red edges, blue laces and black soles.


Like all uniforms, Nex's is also skin tight and the uniforms overall color is red with a cape (omitted in Season 8). If his uniform had a gem it would be a teal color in the middle.


Hot-headed and arrogant, Nex tends to act like a showboat and is flirtatious. He is easily agitated by those who appear more skillful than him and will often try to one up them to prove his own worth to those around him. As such, Nex appears like he is always looking for contests of skill, which can make him seem immature for his age, even more so when it comes to girls as most of his initial interactions with the Winx consisted of him trying to show off in attempts to flirt with them.

Despite his typically negative personality traits, Nex can also be courageous and caring when the time calls for it, even to those who do not like him. He is also fun-loving as he genuinely enjoys a challenge and does not let himself get needlessly upset when he loses friendly competitions, as he may even compliment whoever beat him. He can also be rather shy when it comes to girls as seen when he falls for and later begins dating Aisha as he often stutters around her and tries to pick himself up when he speaks his earnest feelings without meaning to.

And after awhile, is shown to be capable in actually getting along with the people who formerly disliked him and now see him as a friend. This showcases that is can put aside his own negatives, rivalries and accepting that he was acting like a jerk.

In the comics, he went to great lengths trying his to impress and gain the approval of Aisha's father, King Teredor; e.g. performing a show by throwing a cake midair then slicing them. Unfortunately, the slices end up on everyone's heads. This shows that Nex can get nervous rather easily and make him very clumsy.


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Nex exhibits the same skill sets as his fellow warriors. He is skilled in hoverbiking and utilization of his magical weapon - the Halberd of the Wind. With it, he can create strong gusts of wind able to push back opponents which can also be done with an excessive amount of strength (e.g. knocking Roy off their sparring platform).


He is agile and quick on his feet, showcased through his run in Aisha's obstacle course. Though his skill is not as on par as Sky's. He is shown to be skilled in rollerblading and able to keep up with Roy and Aisha during a rollerblading course.

In Season 8, he utilizes another new weapon - two-handed small swords.


  • In Latin, the word "nex" means "murder" or "death".
  • "Nex" might also be derived from "Nexus", which means bond.


  • Nex and Brandon share the same Nickelodeon voice actor, Adam Gregory. Fittingly, they are both quite flirtatious characters.
  • Nex's Italian voice actor, Daniele Raffaeli, also voices Miguel from Club 57, which is another show produced by Rainbow S.r.l. and Iginio Straffi.
  • Instead of making his debut a season after Roy's in Season 5, Nex and Roy both make their comic debuts at the same time during the Season 6 comics.
  • His DuArt voice actor, Marc Thompson had voiced Avalon and Knut in the 4Kids dub.
    • For DuArt, he voiced Brafilius, Jim from World of Winx and returned to voice Knut.
    • He is one of the previous 4Kids voice actors to return to voice the same character but under a different dubbing company. The other is Erica Schroeder.
  • Nex is the only one of the Winx's boyfriends whose name appears in the title of a comic.