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Nissa is a selkie and the Keeper of Magix's Ocean Gate.


Nissa has light purple skin, green eyes with lilac eye shadows, plum lips and light purple body-tail with ribbon-like patterns. She wears a lilac spiral shell-shaped hat decorated by fours pale blue and pink four-butterfly-like-leafed flowers. A transparent light pink veil attached to the hat. She has a pink four-leafed flower symbol on her forehead.


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Season 5

Nissa's Powers are taken - Episode 508

Nissa's powers are stripped from her by Tritannus.

Nissa was accompanying Phylla, Lemmy and Illiris for unknown reason at Neptune's palace, where Phylla told Neptune how Lemmy saw Tritannus turning queen Ligea and Nereus into mutants. After some time, Tritannus shows up and turns his father and sister, Tressa into mutants and gladly steals away Nissa's powers, so he can get to the oceans of Magix to pay a little visit for Daphne along with the Trix.

Nissa appears later with the rest of the selkies when the Winx open the gate to the Infinite Ocean. However earlier in the episode Nissa saw Tritannus enter Lake Roccaluce and went to warn the other gatekeepers.


#105: The Jaws of the Abyss

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Opening & Ending

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