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Nymphs in their Nymph forms.

Nymphs are magical creatures from the Magic Dimension that appear in the Winx Club series.


All Nymphs are mostly humanoid in appearance.

Most Nymphs are known to have used their powers for good purposes and protect the Magic Dimension from the forces of evil. However some Nymphs are known to have allied themselves with the evil forces for their own selfish motives, such as Politea who betrayed Daphne and did not assist her against the Witches when she needed help the most, and the Ancestral Witches were able to place a curse on Sirenix. Some of these nymphs become Dark Nymphs.

Nymph/Fairy Form

There are differences in their forms. Some nymphs do not have wings and some do. Prior to the retconned and thus, the return of her Sirenix powers, Daphne was only seen in her nymph form which had no wings and she wore a gold dress. Since regaining her Sirenix powers, she is now seen in this form which has wings.

What is consistent are their dresses which are long, flowing and colorful. If they have wings, they are small and pink color.

Magical Abilities

Most of the abilities of the Nymphs are unknown, the only few users among them who appeared in the series being Daphne, Politea, and Omnia who has been seen doing magic mostly in flashbacks. Their known abilities are:

  • Flying without wings (Daphne)
  • Opening portals to other worlds and realms (Daphne, Omnia)
  • Turning magic back on itself (Politea)
  • Reversing any spell (Omnia, Daphne)
  • Breathing underwater (Omnia, Daphne, Politea)
  • Convergence
  • Energy and light projection
  • Dragon’s Flame (previously)

Types of Nymphs

Politea was a Nymph of Sirenix

Known Groups


  • In Greek Mythology, Nymphs are minor nature deities associated with different aspects of nature.
  • Politea is a Nymph, but it is unknown what her Nymph form looks like.