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The Nymph Waterfalls is a place located in Amazon Forest on Planet Earth and was introduced in Season 4. It is an important location as the Sacred Sprout resides within it.


This waterfall consists of three large falls and one small one. It forms pond and water levels are not very high. This can be seen when people stand in it and it only goes up to their thighs.

It is the location of the Sacred Sprout, the source of nature and Diana's power.


Season 4

Diana's source of energy

The Sacred Sprout floating atop the pond.

Though its name was not revealed until "The Gifts of Destiny", it first appears "In Diana's Kingdom" when Tecna, Stella, and Bloom follow their Sophix senses that led them to the waterfalls. It is here that the three Winx fairies discover the Sacred Sprout and meet the Amazonian Natives.

While speaking to the natives they learn that the Sacred Sprout is the source of nature and Diana's power as well as their life essence. The girls make contact with the sacred bud, which is sense by Diana who feels threatened and orders her fairies to capture them, and conclude that they will everything they can to protect it. The tribal leader praises their wisdom and also explains that they too protect nature. He then explains that Diana's thirst for vengeance blinded her from the people who cares about nature just as much as she does. Their touching moment is short-lived as the Amazon Fairies arrive at the waterfalls and chase down the remaining Winx fairies.


Nasser surrenders.

After healing Diana and her fairies, and subduing the deforestaters, the Winx, Diana and her followers fly to the Nymph Waterfalls. They see the terrible, withered state the Sprout is in and Diana feels hopeless. Flora reassures her that this is not the end and it will live. The Winx gather around the Sprout and use their special Sophix powers to heal the forest thereby restoring the Sprout's vitality. Diana is surprised that they had not destroyed it and through their powers felt that they were allies. Bloom reaffirms such feeling as she explains that together they could protect life.


Diana hopes to persuade Morgana out of revenge.

Then, Nasser, the boss man of the deforestation company and who fled the scene when his workers were subdued, appears and charges at the fairies with a shovel. He is stopped by the natives and apprehended. Diana witness the natives bravery in defending her and learns that Nasser is responsible for the destruction of the natives' villages. She realizes that violence makes things worse and gives up her vengeance. She tells the Winx and Specialists that she will try to convince the other Earth Fairies to drop their campaign of vengeance. She then removes the vegetation off of Gardenia and wishes the Winx and Specialists good luck before heading to the village to repair it.

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