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Ocean of flowers3
The Ocean of Flowers is an ocean with big, green flowers.


Its surface is an ocean with big, green flowers. Underneath it are flowers, which gets wilder and wilder (carnivorous), when it gets deeper. According to Desiryee, the gatekeeper of Linphea's ocean gate, when they feel something touch their feet, they must move quickly because of the wildness of the plants.


Season 5


In "Trix Tricks", Flora, Musa and Stella went to Linphea to find the Flower of the Depths in order to search for the Gem of Courage. Initially, the Flower of the Depths appeared in its normal calm state, but when Tritannus's pollution infected it, it turned into a gruesome, mutant version of the flower and attacked Stella, Flora, Musa and their respective Selkies. Fortunately, thanks to Flora's Fall Vortex attack, it reverted back to its normal state and she, Stella and Musa were given the final clue to achieving Sirenix and finding the Gem of Courage.


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