The Odyssey Explorer is a yacht and personally owned by the Royal Family of Andros. It is under the care of Roy. Aisha had her father send it over to her so that her friends can use it on their missions.


The odyssey is owned by Aisha's family and her friends utilize it when traveling on the ocean surfaces of planets. Though Roy has piloted the yacht, Aisha, who enjoys driving vehicles often takes over, especially when on mission with her friends.

The girls had let Stella pilot it but due to her terrible driving skills, she is often prevented from driving.


The yacht has a long body structure. From aerial view, the back of the yacht is flat and the front is angular. The angular point helps the vessel move through the ocean surface by parting water away from it.

The base of the vessel is a lilac color, going from base up, the color is white. Purple outlines the yacht, is it decorated with gold designs that mimic the appearance of waves, as they swirl about the yacht.

The dock has wooden tiles and can provide lounging chairs when people want to relax.


Season 5

The odyssey's first appearance is in "The Power of Harmonix." Its driver, Roy, brings it ashore on the Lake Roccaluce where he and the vessel are greeted by Aisha, Stella, and Bloom. They take the yacht to Andros where they dive into the planet's oceans to search for the Cove of the Shimmering Shells. The girls dive down with their new Harmonix powers, and Roy is left in charge monitoring the vessel.

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