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Nurse Ofelia is the Alfea school nurse. She is well-known for her magical cures.


Ofelia has orange hair and grey blue eyes. She wears a nurse outfit, with blue eyeshadow, blue-green earrings and a necklace with a blue-green gem. Her hair in a bun and she wears half-moon spectacles.


Ofelia has a nice and caring personality, she shows great concern for fairies who are feeling unwell.



In "Miss Magix," Bloom visits the infirmary and asks Ofelia about Stella's condition but she reveals Stella has not checked in.

In "Up to Their Old Trix," Ofelia assures the Winx that Aisha, who has passed out, is alright, just pale.

In "Rescue Mission," Aisha wakes to find Piff on the other side of the window, outside of the school. She runs out of the infirmary to find her. She stumbles upon Ofelia, who tells her she should not have left the ward yet as she is still too weak. Going after Piff, Aisha forgets the change of clothes Ofelia provided.

Ofelia Phone

Ofelia on the phone with Stella.

In "The Sea of Fear," Stella calls Ofelia to let her know about the Winx's case of flu and to excuse them from classes, unbeknownst to Ofelia that the Winx are on their way to save Andros. With this being her fifth case of flu this morning, Ofelia has the idea to notify Griselda in case of an epidemic, but her assistant says that there may just be a big test scheduled for today.

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