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Ohm (also called Planet Chill) is a location introduced in Season 3.


Ohm was the Realm of Inner Peace until Valtor stole the magic treasure there and the planet became the opposite, with no peace only disasters occurred on the planet until the Winx released all the spells Valtor stole and the magic treasure of the Realm returned to its proper place.



Human inhabitant of Ohm

It is unknown if Ohm is governed by monarch or another political system. However, the people of the planet prefers a peaceful conduct and balance. They wear golden tiaras and multicolored robes and take joy in the simplistic of things, bird songs. The population of Ohm consists of both humans and of human-sized bipedal monkeys who live as warrior-monks and protect the planet's source of magic.

Monkey Warrior-Monk of Ohm


It can be assumed that the fauna is relatively the same as on other planets.


The land appears mountainous with relatively flat terrains, the flora are mostly trees, grass and some flowers.


Season 3

In "The Island of Dragons", Valtor has been feeling unsettled and cannot morph. It troubles him, and so, Darcy advises him to go to Ohm to steal their magic. Since stealing magic relaxes Valtor, he takes her advice and teleports there.

Ohm's magical source - Ep315

Upon arrival, he locates the water shrine that holds the planet's source of magic. The sources resemble wind chimes and are guarded by four monkey warriors.

The monkey warriors battle Valtor in order to protect the sources but are dispatched by Valtor. And with just one magical blast, Valtor destroys the shrine and absorbs all of its magic, the wind chimes then break and disorder, intolerance and destruction spreads amongst the planet's inhabitants.

~Valtor Meditates~

Valtor then meditates peacefully and then teleports home.

He returns to Cloud Tower, and gives the Trix their souvenirs. For Icy and Stormy, much to their dismay, are given brightly colored shawls that are said to give off a calming affect. For Darcy, she is given a hematite bracelet that is said to ward off any negative energy (and could be useful around her sisters).

Valtor then mediates and demonstrates his power, showing how much stronger and calmer he has become after the trip.


  • The name of the Realm comes from the Ohm, which is the SI Unit of Electrical Resistance.
  • It can also be from the mystic word Om ( Auṃ or Oṃ or ॐ) which found in religions originating from India like Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism, and is always intoned at the beginning of any prayer, mantra or at the beginning and end of any reading of sacred scriptures by its adherents.
  • The monkey warriors of Ohm might be a reference to the Chinese Buddhist deity, Sun Wukong the Monkey King, who is an extremely skilled warrior capable of defeating the best warriors of heaven and earned Buddhahood after a long journey..
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