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Orion is a character that debuts in Season 8.


He has short dark brown hair, light tan skin, and greenish blue eyes. He has on goggles with red lenses.

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He is described as mysterious.

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Season 8

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Magical Abilities

With his magic suit, Orion appears to be able to make himself disappear, creating holograms of himself and also fly.

He is also able to make his spaceship appear and disappear at his will.


  • "The name "Orion" is derived from a real-life constellation named after Orion, a giant hunter who, according to Greek mythology, was transformed into the constellation.
  • On March 15, 2019, there was a poll conducted on the Winx Club Instagram's Story on whether Orion would be a friend or an enemy. 52% voted "Friend" while 48% voted "Enemy".
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