Oskuria College is a boarding school for wizards featured in Issue 54: Pandora's Box.


Oskuria College is an old school and is ruled with an iron fist with very strict rules that all the students have to follow like they are not allowed be out in the hallways and cackle in the courtyard. The guests also have very strict rules like they must stay in the areas allocated to guests outside of conferences and are forbidden to fraternize with the students. The only method of travel to Oskuria College are horse-drawn carriages. As it's a wizard school, it's an only boy's school.


Oskuria College resembles a medieval castle. Inside the school, there is a stone courtyard with balconies. The classrooms have benches for all the students with a podium at the front of the room. The hallways have portraits of all the teachers, headmasters, and staff members there ever was. There is also a library filled with books on magic and spells. Down a flight of stairs, stone holds Pandora's Box.


Oskuria College is very serious about their studies. It is implied they learn light magic and dark magic.




Season 3

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