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Nex and Thoren - Episode 604
Paladins are warriors, similar to the Specialists.



The Paladins' uniforms are mostly based on red and on the middle of their chests contains a yellow colored gem. However, there have been other types of uniforms as well. They have been different colors, patterns with feathers, gloves and capes. Some with or without gems, if gems are present it is shown be circular and matching one of the colors of their uniforms.


Season 6

The Paladins are seen in Season 6 in Linphea College's battle arena in "The Flying School". They are practicing with their new weapons along with the Specialists, dueling against each other. When the Treants attacked, the Paladins and Specialists try to help the Fairies defeat them. However at the end of the episode, the Winx, Paladins and Specialists leave Linphea, while the college's students and teachers remain to try to keep the Treants at bay.

While Nex and Thoren continue training at Alfea, their fellow paladins, professors and fairies are having issues with the Treants as they are captured. Miele was able to break free and tried to the defend the school, when the Winx, Specialists, Nex and Thoren returned, this time, with Flora's potions to root down the Treants. Which was successfully done so, releasing Guru, the other paladins and fairies from the Treants grasps. Together, they all fought against the witches while the Winx took care of the Trix; though they had lost the battle against the Trix because of Selina, Linphea College was sparred.

Skills and Abilities

Like the Specialists, they have the capabilities of wielding a weapon. However, unlike the Specialists, their weapons have a certain element that is associated with it. For example, when given a choice of weaponry, Thoren chose a hammer and he utilizes it by smashing the hammer onto the ground creating cracks on the earth.



  • The only known Paladins are Thoren, Nex and Professor Avalon.
  • Despite of being Paladins, Thoren and Nex do not have wings like Professor Avalon, although this might be because the winged Professor Avalon was really a shadow clone of the real Avalon created by Lord Darkar.
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