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Professor Palladium is a character from the Winx Club series, and is a professor at Alfea.


In Season 1, he has pointy ears, dark colored eyes, long dark orange hair, his bangs split in the middle and swapped to each side. His build is skinny and he wears a pale yellow long sleeved puffy collared shirt, with a red bow tie, a dark olive collared vest, light brown pants with a belt and shoes with red above-ankle socks.

From Season 2 onward, Palladium now has light colored eyes and is more muscular; his hair is still long but it is now a lighter shade of orange and has yellow highlights on both sides of his head and he now has side burns. He wears an ivory puffy long sleeve collared shirt and pants, a teal ascot, green vest and knee-high tan boots.


During the first season, Palladium was not a very confident teacher and although very nice, his students did not respect him and treated him more like a pushover. However, he is shown to be capable fighter seen when the Trix's sent the Army of Darkness to Alfea. He also displays that he knows quite a lot about nature.

In the next season, his appearance changed as well as his confidence, causing his students to respect him as he could now harshly scold and penalize any of them if they misbehaved, but he always gives stern warnings beforehand. He is just a fun professor overall and is kind and gentle, but at the same time, will provide, without hesitation, constructive criticism and to step up and fight evil.

Magical Abilities


Palladium's specialty are combat spells, as shown in the first season. He has also shown that he has a connection with nature, and therefore is can be assumed he can use nature related spells. As a teacher at Alfea, Palladium is capable of using great magic.

Uses of Magic

Palladium fighting the Army of Darkness at Alfea.

  • Fixum Ballum: Palladium spreads both his hands and from them emits a bright light, it was used to restore the glitched simulator. Used in Season 1 Episode 10.
  • Light Sword: Palladium creates a gold, short, curved sword that slices his opponent, used against the Army of Darkness.
  • Plasma Sphere
  • Expedio Catenam: He forms a leaf with his wand, it is suppose to unlock a padlock and successfully did so when used by Bloom, spoken in Season 2 Episode 11.
  • Expedio Catenas: After speaking multiple cats manifests around him, used in Season 2 Episode 11.

Palladium demonstrating an elemental spell to open a lock.

  • "Desist!": Palladium used this to stop Amaryl's Plasma Sphere from hitting Stella, he glows and pulls his arm back, and close his hands. Used in Season 2 Episode 9.
  • "Magic flow go spread and glow, send darkness back, repel attack. Evil detect and fairies protect...": the incantation, along with the Alfea fairies' magic, used to recreate the damaged barrier. Used in Season 3 Episode 10.
  • Flaming Blades


  • Palladium's name might be based on:
  • Professor Palladium looks like and might have been inspired by the Elves depicted in the The Lord of the Rings books and movies, both in his having pointed ears, his hairstyle and his facial appearance. It could be that he was inspired by them, or that he is, in fact, a tribute to The Lord of the Rings, which is considered both as one of the foundations and a masterpiece in fantasy.
  • In the 4Kids version, Palladium is voiced by Timmy's voice actor, Sebastian Arcelus.
  • Although he is not a major character, he has appeared in every season so far.