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The Palmtop is a technomagic device owned by Tecna.


The palmtop can perform various tasks including research, data analyzation, email, live-video feed monioring, video chatting, holographic projection, and gameplay. The device also has a spectro-sensitive potentiometer.


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The palmtop's main body is grey and has dark grey hinges. The device has a port which allows things to connect to it. The lid is a semi-circle adorned with a blue triangle-like shape with a dark grey outline. When in use, the device's potentiometer will emit a green ray from this triangle-like shape. Images will also holographically project from this area. The projection site has green-to-blue inner rings and purple-to-blue outer rings that rotate in opposite directions during the projection. On the inside, there is a screen that appears green when examining topography or monitoring live-video feed, and blue when performing other tasks. The keyboard consists of pink, light pink, and grey keys of various shapes and sizes with several light pink ellipses surrounding it. A single key will pulse red when a signal is received. On one occasion, a key turned red when pressed.



In "Friends in Need," Tecna uses the device to research a broom.

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Tecna watching the ship leave the forest.

In "Rescue Mission," Tecna uses the device to monitor the video feed of Bloom, Stella, and Aisha entering a cave system. Later, she loses connection as the girls enter the cave system.

In "Magic Bonding," Kiko alerts Tecna that the device has crashed. As Tecna takes her device to the balcony in the hopes of improving reception, she says that reception is bad and she may not be able to contact the girls again.

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Tecna talking to Digit.

In "Professor Avalon's Secret," Tecna uses the device to video chat Digit while trying to locate Professor Avalon.

In "Race Against Time," Tecna is seen with the device in Professor Palladium's class. She later uses it to pinpoint Digit’s location.


Tecna using the device.

In "Win-x Together!," Tecna attempts to interface an organic hand with her operating system with the objective of opening a box. The device fails to link with the hand and sets the box on fire. Flora then concludes that nature and computers are too different to be compatible.

In "Darkar's Prisoner," Tecna uses the device to calculate the percentage of the effect Darkar’s Fortress’ magic may have on the pixies. Later, she uses the device to examine the topological surface of Darkar's Fortress.

In "Face to Face with the Enemy," Tecna uses the device to monitor impending attacks.

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Tecna sorting her clothing.

In "The Princess' Ball," Tecna uses the device to technomagically sort clothing into her suitcase. Later, Tecna uses it to examine the invitations to Stella's Princess ball that Digit sent, and later uses it to check the RSVPs for the ball.

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No contact received from Aisha.

In "Valtor's Mark," Tecna uses the device to see if she has received contact from Aisha.

In "The Heart and the Sword," Tecna and Stella use the device to view Diaspro and Sky's engagement announcement. Later, Tecna is sent a signal by Flora to alert her that she and the girls are on their way to Alfea and need her to activate the Field Distortion Device.

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Digit inside the device.

In "A Trap for Fairies," Tecna uses the device to consult her database for a solution to Faragonda’s imprisonment but her search yields no results.

In "At the Last Moment," Tecna uses the device to project an image of the flying hover cyclists the Winx will imprersonate in order to enter Radius and Cassandra's wedding.

In "The Pixies' Charge," Digit is inside the device playing a game. Tecna asks her to exit the device so she can pack it up for her mission. Later, Digit is seen playing inside the device again.


The device displaying an infographic.

In "A Fairy in Danger," the device beeps alerting Tecna that someone has adopted another Fairy Pet. Upon further investigation, Tecna comes to the conclusion that this person has been adopting multiple Fairy Pets under different names.

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The device projecting Timmy.

In "The Music Cafe," Tecna uses the device to video chat Timmy via holographic projection. Tecna expresses her concern of the Spectrographic Localizer not being able to stop the witches of Cloud Tower as it does not have the range they need. She asks Timmy to keep working on finding a solution.

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Tecna talking to Timmy.

In "Legendary Duel," Tecna uses the device to video chat Timmy. She says that activating the Spectrographic Localizer was more complicated than she had previously thought, in which Timmy replies that she must set the localizer using a spectro-sensitive potentiometer. Tecna then uses the device's potentiometer to activate the localizer.


Tecna uses the device to research a broom.

Tecna uses the device as Bloom peers in on the Winx.



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