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Paloo is a Fairy Pet that is introduced in Season 4.


Paloo is a light green turtle with amber eyes, light blue wings and a red bandanna.

When Paloo got transformed into a monster he became bigger, muscular and darker, with squinted yellow eyes and a prominent front tooth.


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Season 4

Ws4ep12 Paloo

Paloo being adopted

In "Mitzi's Present" Paloo and other pets get transformed into monsters because of the magic from the Wizards of the Black Circle. All the pets get back to normal after eating magical food created by the Winx.

In "Dad! I'm a Fairy!" Paloo was adopted by a young man. Bloom then tells him to come back and visit them.


Issue 60 - paloo and prof stranizov

Paloo and Professor Stranizov

In "Issue 60: Future Adventures," Paloo is the first Fairy Pet presented in the Comics. He belongs to Professor Stranizov and travel in time with him to the past. When the Winx offer their help, Paloo plays with Flora and Kiko, and when the traveling machine is complete, Paloo, the professor and the girls travel to the future, to Paloo original timeline.

After being attacked by the Trix, Paloo and other pets got saved in time by the Winx. They all go back to Stranizov's laboratory and send the girls back to their time.


Magic of Believix

He appears in the game as a pet that needs to be saved from the Wizards of the Black Circle.


  • His female counterpart is a light green turtle with a pink star in her head.
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