WoW S2 Paris
Paris is a location which appears in World of Winx. It debuted in the first season of World of Winx in "Stylist Wanted."


Paris is a large city and is the capital city of the country of France, itself located on the continent of Europe, on Earth.


Known Inhabitants

World of Winx


WOW5 (Paris Fashion School)

In "Stylist Wanted", the Winx heads to Paris School of Fashion to find a new talent, Sophie.

In "The Fashion Week", the Winx searched for Sophie's double in Paris Fashion Week, discovering that it was a Shadow Creature.

The Winx protected Nadine in the Eiffel Tower.

In "The Alligator Man", Musa finds Matt in Notre Dame, but lost sight of him due to the interference of her nemesis Banshee.

In "Fashion School Thrills", Stella, Aisha and Tecna headed Paris School of Fashion. Stella faced her nemesis Obscura and the girls finally meet with Matt.

In "The Girl in the Stars", Matt takes the Winx to Notre Dame Cathedral to talk about his father, Peter Pan.


  • Paris is a real-life city found in France, of which it is the capital.


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