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Paul is a character exclusive to the comic series. He works as a forest ranger in the mountains just outside of Magix and was Stella's crush before she set him up with her friend, Jessie.


He has fair skin, brown eyes, and short brown spiky hair.

He wears dark blue cargo pants, gray shoes, and a dark blue button up jacket with a yellow belt and yellow collar.

He wears blue jeans, a lime green button up shirt, and shoes that match his shirt.


Paul is appears to be a happy person. He deeply cares about people and animals but is also shy, especially around someone he likes. Paul is not much of a dancer as he accidentally stepped on Jessie's foot and tends to get worried over small things. He does take his job serious and will do as much as he can to help.


Season 4


Paul unknowingly caught Stella's eye.

Paul had been out retrieving documents Jessie had requested. He returns with them and hands them to her. Jessie then introduces the Winx to him and Paul explains to the girls that he can be their guide and organize trips for them since his parkland agency had made arrangements with Faragonda. He also caught Stella's eye but he is oblivious to it and carries on with his work.

The next day, Paul happened to be at the hotel the Winx are staying at. He is greeted enthusiastically by Stella who then asks for him to rearrange some trips. When he starts asking for preferences that involved plenty of walking and hiking, Stella is a bit detoured by it. He then receives a phone call from Jessie who urgently explains that someone had broken into the animal hospital and destroyed everything. He rushes towards the hospital with the Winx as they want to help too.

At the hospital, Jessie explains everything to the Winx when Roxy notices bear footprints. Jessie explains that they had an adult bear here as it was injured but it is unusual for it to destroy everything just because it was angry. Paul hypothesizes that it might have been just one bear looking for food and it got scared when it neared the hospital, smelling many animals here and fled. Paul decides to head off to bring the bear back to the mountains so that it could recover and from the possibility of getting killed if it got near houses. The news then reports this to public and Paul is warned by Jessie that the Mayor of Vallefiorita has hired a skilled huntsman named Zubrek, who is the assistant to Professor Woolfar, to track down the bear; Paul gets a bad feeling from this. As he is conducting his search the Winx eventually find him. He is told that they had found the bear and a den. As it turns out, the bear that destroyed the hospital was a different bear, in search of her cubs. He examined the den and notifies Jessie that the bear had two cubs. He is off doing other duties but is eventually told by Jessie that Stella has organized a party at the hotel and that both he and Jessie are invited to come.


The two shy lovers. Both having difficulty expressing their feelings towards one another.

That evening, Paul arrives at the party with Jessie. He and Jessie say hi to Stella and when Stella asks him if he likes to dance, he takes this chance to ask her to come speak with him in private. She agrees and when the two are alone, he is very hesitant about what he wants to tell but when Stella encourages him, he tells her that he really likes Jessie. He is unaware that this had upset Stella (because she likes or rather, has a fleeting infatuation towards him). He continues that he wants to tell Jessie his feelings but is unsure of how she feels about him. He asks Stella if she could help him figure out how Jessie feels about him because she is Jessie's friend. When Stella says she needs to think about it, he is taken aback. He returns to the party and stands next to Jessie but he is very shy around her.

Just then, Stella suddenly pulls him away to dance with her. He is confused until Stella has him play along with her because she then pretends to be dizzy and asks Jessie to take her place. Paul ends up dancing with Jessie; he is happy as he gives her a shy smile while they dance. However, he accidentally steps on her foot and this causes a little fight between them. As the party is about to end, Jessie returns to the hospital to check up on this and Paul is getting overly worried that Jessie might not want to see him again. He tells Stella this when she asks him how it went and why he did not return with her to the hospital. He called hopeless by Stella because he is worried over nothing and he goes to the hospital every day, he will see her again.


Paul and Jessie finally start their relationship.

The next day, Paul is up and early to search the bear's cubs as she refuses to eat and heal because they are missing. He finds the cubs with Zubrek and Professor Woolfar. He demands to know what they are doing to them and gets shot in the arm by Zubrek. He is on the floor wreathing in pain, grasping his arm when the Winx arrive just in time. Stella checks up on him. He tells her where he was shot but it is not serious and stands. Paul apprehends Zubrek and Woolfar, he then heads back to the hospital with them alongside the Winx and cubs. Stella helps him walk and when they arrive at the hospital he sees Jessie running frantically towards him with a worried look. She suddenly trips and Paul catches her in his arms. He asks if she was worried to which she answers "very much." They confess their feelings for each other, share a kiss and begin a relationship. And with the Winx's help, the mother beat is reunited with her cubs.

Some time later, Roxy decides to build an animal shelter and with Stella reminding her that Jessie can help, Roxy and Manuel travel to the animal hospital. Paul and Jessie greet them and Roxy introduces Manuel to the both of them. Jessie tells Roxy that she prepared a spare room for Roxy (and possibly Manuel) when the ground begins to shake. The shaking becomes more violent as everyone falls to the ground and Paul suspects that it is a sudden earthquake. The earthquake ends as quickly as it began and Paul checks to see if Jessie is alright. Roxy wonders what that was and Manuel comments on how powerful the earthquake was. Roxy agrees and is thankful that the animal shelter was not destroyed. Paul states that he needs to check the forests to see if there is any major damage. He also deduces that the epicenter of the earthquakes is in the mountains and claims that this will cause a major disaster. Jessie rushes to bring all of the animals inside the shelter out and Paul rushes to his truck to check the area. Manuel offers to come with Paul and so he, Paul and Roxy head for the truck as Paul explains that there are many critical points for them to check.


At the same time, up in the mountains, Paul had to park the truck just on a mountain ridge as the earthquakes have already damaged a bridge that they need to cross. He tells Roxy and Manuel that there is a hotel just two kilometers away, but there is also a farmer who lives alone with his cows within the area. Roxy says that she and Manuel can check the farmer's cottage and Paul gives them the directions to the cottage as he exits the truck. He promises to meet up with them in two hours and claims that if they have trouble, they can always call him using the emergency phone that he gave them. He then warns them that these phones may not work all of the time before leaving. Roxy and Manuel exit the truck and dart off in the direction of the farmer's cottage but before they reach it, another tremor occurs.

Faragonda calls him after the tremor and he tells her that Roxy and Manuel were with him but they had split up to cover more ground and now, they are missing. Faragonda relays this message to their friends who frantically goes to search for their friends.

Thankfully, the tremors eventually stop and so was the person who caused all of this, all thanks to Manuel and Roxy.


  • From the Roman family name Paulus, which meant "small" or "humble" in Latin. Paul was an important leader of the early Christian church. According to Acts in the New Testament, he was a Jewish Roman citizen who converted to Christianity after the resurrected Jesus appeared to him.
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