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The Pearl of Restraint is a magical item that appears in Season 6.


According to Lu Wei, the last dragon tamer, the pearls are necessary for the Green Dragons to calm down. The pearls can be found at the Dragon Shrine.


It is a large light blue pearl.


Season 6

In the "Shrine of the Green Dragon," Lu Wei tells the girls the dragons are uncontrollable unless they are fitted with the Pearls of Restraint, and they can be found in the nearby mountain. The Winx had no choice but to go to the mountain cave and find them to stop the dragons. A dragon attacks Musa and Tecna, then Musa finds a pearl and lodged it into the dragon's collar. Stella takes another dragon for a ride before getting a pearl placed on it by Aisha. Daphne finds the last pearl, but gets knocked out of the air by the last dragon and Bloom quickly flies down to grab the pearl before finally placing it on the dragon. The three dragons immediately become tame, and Lu Wei expresses his gratitude.


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