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The Pearl of the Deep is a magical pearl from the Infinite Ocean that appears in The Mystery of the Abyss, where Politea, the Trix, and Tritannus try to obtain it.


The Pearl of the Deep is white-silver and pearlescent. When in use, it emits a shining gold aura.


The Mystery of the Abyss

According to Politea, it is a long lost pearl. Omnia took the responsibility for hiding it. The Trix find the pearl but when they touch it, they are shocked by electricity. Tritannus pushed the Trix out of the way and hold its. The Winx come in to stop him but Tritannus uses the power to escape the Coral Barrier. Later, Politea snatches the pearl from Tritannus and uses it to pollute the Infinite Ocean but before completely doing so, Serena snatches the pearl from Politea's hand and gives it to Bloom. Then, the Winx use it in a convergence spell to destroy Politea. Later, Omnia use the pearl to heal Sky.

Magical Abilities

The Pearl of the Deep has the power to keep the Infinite Ocean pure and balanced, and only the Emperor of the Infinite Ocean can touch it. It also has healing powers. It is said to be more powerful than the emperor himself.


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