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The Pendant of Eraklyon is a pendant belonging to the royal family of Eraklyon. When the ruler of Eraklyon gives the pendant to his true love, they both have good luck and happiness for the rest of their lives. If the crowned prince of Eraklyon loses the pendant, it means that he will never be happy with the girl he loves.


The Pendant of Eraklyon is a red heart with wings which are the same design on both sides. It is held by a white string.


Season 5

Sky finally gives Bloom the pendant.

In "The Spill", Sky intended to give the pendant to Bloom but lost it while saving the people from an oil rig found off the coast of Gardenia where an explosion occurred. It's also the reason that it blocked Krystal's healing power from restoring Sky's memories.

In "Test of Courage", Desiryee finds the pendant on the ocean floor and shows it to Flora, who then gives it to Sky. Sky then regains his memory and presents the pendant to Bloom.

In "The Eclipse," it is seen as Bloom shows it to Sky before they go on a walk. But then Diaspro comes and interrupts them demanding that Sky comes home.


  • The Pendant of Eraklyon changes color and decoration throughout the series.