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Peter is a character exclusive to the comic series and is Beth's crush.


Peter has long blonde hair, just slightly past his shoulders, with some fringes. He is paled skinned and wears a simple white collared t-shirt with a high waist, light-blue jeans and white sneakers.


Peter is a caring and helpful individual as he did not hesitate to tell Bloom who Beth was and her address when she was wrecking havoc at the mall. He knows when to show gratitude.


Season 4

I96 - Peter, Bloom

Peter explains who Beth is and gives Bloom Beth's address so that she can figure out the issue.

Peter was in the bookstore when Beth sets it on fire. He, and the other people who were in the store, were able to escape the burning store with the help from Bloom. He thanks Bloom for her help and when he expresses his disbelief the Beth had done this, Bloom realizes he knows who she is. When Bloom asks him about her, he tells her Beth's full name and where she lives so that Bloom can figure out why the girl is attacking and harming people.

Though not seen again, he is mentioned when Bloom tells Beth that she is not alone and that her parents and Peter loves her. This becomes the main purpose that allowed Beth to turn against the Trix and went back to being herself again.


  • Peter's name is used in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Slovene and Slovak. It means "stone".
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