The Pillar of Balance

The Pillar of Balance is one of the three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean, the others being the Pillar of Light and the Pillar of Control.


This pillar is made from green glass like substance and it's shaped like a huge needle, standing and keeping balance on smaller piece that is on the ground. It is surrounded by eight smaller but same shaped crystals. Its seal is blue.


The Pillar of Balance has a blue seal and is located in the Infinite Ocean. It maintains the balance of the Magic Dimension and is centered around Melody.

When the seal is taken, it causes Magix to shake and structures to come down with lack of balance.

Like the other pillars, it is protected by Guardian Selkies.


Season 5

Pillar of Balance

In The Singing Whales, Tritannus steals the seal of the Pillar of Balance and the whole Magic Dimension loses its balance and starts shaking and causes the Singing Whales of Melody to disappear.

After Musa releases the Singing Whales from Darcy's and Stormy's control, the Winx then use a Sirenix convergence to stabilize the Pillar and restore the balance of all the Magic Dimension.


  • The Pillar of Balance and Pillar of Control is the only two pillar needed convergence magic in order for them to re-stabilize while the Pillar of Light was the only pillar re-stabilized by a single fairy (Stella).


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