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The Pillar of Control

The Pillar of Control is one of the three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean, the others being the Pillar of Light and the Pillar of Balance.


The Pillar of Control is located at the bottom of the Infinite Ocean and it makes everything function properly in the Magic Dimension.

Like the other pillars, it is protected by Guardian Selkies.


This Pillar is black with metallic-like appearance and it has red lines on upper parts. Its seal is black.


Season 5

Pillar of Control

Pillar of Control

The Pillar of Control is first first seen in A Perfect Date. The Winx (excluding Tecna) go to destroy the final seal following Daphne's advice, so Tritannus will not be able to use it to activate the Emperor's Throne. However, knowing the danger of removing the seal, the Winx plan to stabilize it with a convergence. However, a hungry monster attacks them while doing that, but Tecna arrives and saves them. They destroy the seal and stabilize the pillar.

After Tritannus found out that the seal had been destroyed he attacked the Pillar with his trident, causing storms and lightning in the Magic Dimension and making all the technology to go haywire. However the Winx's Selkies force Tritannus to retreat and restore the Pillar.


  • A Giant Eel lives near the Pillar of Balance, indirectly providing it with another guardian in addition to the Guardian Selkies usually protecting the Pillars.
  • The Pillar of Balance and Pillar of Control is the only two pillar needed convergence magic in order for them to re-stabilize while the Pillar of Light was the only pillar re-stabilized by a single fairy (Stella).


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