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The Pillar of Light

The Pillar of Light is one of the three Pillars of the Infinite Ocean, along with the Pillar of Balance and the Pillar of Control.


The Pillar of Light illuminates the whole Magic Dimension. If its unstable, it would create a solar eclipse that would affect both the sun and the Second Sun of Solaria. 

Like the other pillars, it is protected by Guardian Selkies.


The Pillar of light is huge pillar of blue light that runs from the underwater ground to the surface and is surrounded with shattered pieces of ancient structure. Its seal is deep green.


Season 5

Pillar of Light

The Pillar of Light

When Tritannus snatched the seal of the Pillar of Light, this caused an eclipse across the whole Magic Dimension. This eclipse affected even Solaria that has two suns. Eclipse caused King Radius to fall ill as well. However Stella used her Sirenix special spell, Light of Sirenix, to restore the Pillar's stability.


  • The Pillar of Light is the tallest pillar of the three because the light (which is a part of the pillar) goes from the base up to the surface of the Infinite Ocean. 
  • The Pillar of Light got unstable because of the light. The rocks are the one who traps the light to make it cylindrical and to focus it on one spot. But when it was unstable, the light started to become weird (weak). Because of its dimness, the rocks started to fall and the light began to escape.
  • The Pillar of Light was the only pillar re-stabilized by a single fairy (Stella). The later two needed convergence magic in order for them to re-stabilize. This is because the Pillar of Light needed light to become stable.


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