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The Pirates (also called the Sharks) are characters who appear in World of Winx.



In their human form, their features vary but they all have a muscular build with tanned skin. They wear jeans and black vests with a symbol of a shark on the chest.

Each one has different tattoos that brings correlation with the sea. Some of those tattoos are shark teeth, an octopus, a anchor and others.


As zombies, they retain most of their features but their skin color are now cold and grey, their clothes are ripped and their faces are twisted and ghastly. White bandages coat their bodies and long rope tentacles sprout from their backs. Each rope ends with a hook.


In the past, when a young man named Peter Pan arrived in Neverland and quickly became well-liked and admired by everyone in it, the pirates, led by their captain, James Hook, saw Peter Pan as nothing more than an arrogant showboat only interested in himself. Their suspicions were somewhat proven when Peter Pan suddenly left Neverland with his last friend, Wendy Darling, without warning. This left Tinkerbell, Neverland's queen, to become bitter with Peter Pan and the world around her to a point where her pure magic became corrupted, turning into dark magic. She then laid waste to Neverland, turning it into a dark and desolate island, which also corrupted by the pirates; forcibly changing them into Tinkerbell's undead minions.

World of Winx

Season 1

In "Dangerous Waters," Ace, ordered by Smee, hires the Sharks to compete with the Winx for an extreme test. After the WOW cameras are destroyed by the water, they transform into zombies to accomplish the Queen's order of eliminating the Winx.

In "The Watchmaker," alongside Smee, the Zombie Pirates attack Bloom and Jim as they attempt to enter the Watchmaker's Castle.

In "The Fall of the Queen," they abandon Tinkerbell after her defeat.

Season 2

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Magical Abilities

The Zombie Pirates can assume a human form but they return to their undead form when either Smee or Tinkerbell commands them. They can transform willingly but they must all be together to transform. As zombies, they are stronger, tougher and more agile. They can wield their ropes like cephalopod limbs and use them to ensnare their enemies while the hooks are used to harm. Their zombie presence can influence the sea, summon storm clouds and cause rough waters but they cannot control it like Aisha.