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Pirate zombie
The Pirate Zombies (or sometimes the Zombie Pirates) are legendary creatures that Selina summoned from the Legendarium in Season 6.


A legend in Calavera was feared by many people. The Pirate Zombies were pirates, who sailed the Occulta, the most feared pirate ship of the seven seas. Even when they already turned into zombies, they never abandoned their treasures, so they hid it in underwater, off the island with the old lighthouse and in front Bajo Mundo Cave. They were said to materialize, when the fog rolls in.

This is the story about the pirate ship of Occulta, which ruled the seven seas for a hundred years. Many pirates were lost, but none's ever left the ship, until it finally sank.


As they are zombies, they resemble human's appearance, but older and have gray skin and red eyes. Their captain wears an old torn captain hat. One wields an anchor and some of them wield swords.


Season 6


The Pirate Zombies trying to attack the people of Calavera.

In the "Mystery of Calavera", the Pirate Zombies appear when the fog rolled in onto the Occulta ship.

In "Zombie Invasion", they continue their battle with the Trix and Winx, but the Winx get away with the Fantasy Emerald. Later in the episode, Selina unleashed the fog from the Legendarium to invoke them in order to steal their Fantasy Emerald back, but Bloom and the people on Calavera Island defeated them.

Magical Abilities

These pirate zombies are not powerful enough to stand up to fairy magic, but as seen, they can multiply from the Occulta ship. They can fight very well, most of them use swords, the captain usually uses his hat for attacking and some of them use the anchor. 


They are very weak and not immune to direct attacks in comparison to any legendary creatures summoned by Selina, thus they can be destroyed easily.


  • The Pirate Zombies might have been inspired by the cursed crew from Pirates of the Caribbean, whose members were cursed to live forever as undead people and would turn into living skeletons under the moonlight.
  • They are the first legendary creatures that appear without being invoked by Selina and are within the Legendarium.
  • This is the fourth legendary creature that appears in two episodes.
  • This is the first legendary creature to appear in both, 2D and 3D.
  • Along with the Sphinx, the Children of the Night, the Magical Mirror and Rumpelstiltskin are the only legendary creatures that have the ability to speak.
  • The captain of the Zombie Pirates is voiced by Sam Riegel while the others are voiced by Charlie Schlatter, Matt Shively and Bryton James.


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