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Ron and Hippocampus

The Pixie Pets (or Fairy Pets) are companions of the pixies.


Pixie Pets Concept Art

Pixie Pets have shiny wings like Pixies, they vary from 5cm to 10cm tall and are small creatures with heads that are generally larger in comparison to their body. Some Pixie Pets wear small accessories like bells and ribbons, they can also hide their pixie wings for diverse reasons.

Other than Concorda's Pixie Pets, the most common ones to appear as background characters are a Porcupine, a Bear, a Frog and a Bird. All of them showing their wings and generally flying and walking together.



Hippocampus, Concorda and Badger

The first Pixie Pet to make a debut was Concorda's Hippocampus, a light green seahorse with orange bright wings. On "The Shadow Phoenix" after Bloom follows him, she discovers Alfea's Secret Archives. Concorda explains to her that even though she is bonded to the Magic Archives she does not feel lonely because the Pixie Pets keep her company.

Later, in "The Mysterious Stone" the Pixie Pets are seen again when Livy makes a paper theater telling a story with the Winx and how Kiko faced his jealousy about the Pixies.

Kiko and Concorda's Pet

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Pixie Pets plays minor roles in the comics, mostly as background characters. The first Pixie Pets to appears on the Winx Club comics are Badger, that it is a mix of a Red Panda and a Raccon, and Ron, called "Frog" or "Name of Frog" in the comics is a cat who croaks like a frog.

On "Dragon's Flame" when Alfea was facing the Trix's Army of Darkness, a part from the tower that contains the Secret Archive is broken, letting all evil comes in. When Ron falls from the book shelf to save Concorda he proves that Pixie Pets can release their hidden wings on time of need. Concorda then advise them to hide in the basement while she goes visit the Pixies that were on the forest.

List of All Names Pixie Pets

Magical Abilities

The Pixie Pets can have abilities such as strength to lift heavy items or levitate them and power of controlling such objects with their magic. The Pixie Pets are also able to hide their wings for manifold reasons and release them on time of need.


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  • They are similar to PopPixie Animals and Fairy Pets.
  • It is not revealed if Pixie Pets can bond with fairies or places like Pixies can.
  • Birds and others Pixie Pets with normal wings also have a pair of pixie shiny wings, making no sense since they already have normal wings.
  • Mattel created a plush set with six Pixie Pets: Badger, Ron, Hippocampus, a Bird, a Frog, and a Ferret.
    • None of them had a "name" alongside its product.
    • Badger was defined as being a raccoon.