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Pixieville is a town featured in PopPixie built in a thick forest of century-old trees and shrubs. It is a large metropolis in a unique setting where magic and nature become one.


It is divided into districts, the city is the home of pixies, gnomes and elves who form a mottled community where everyone has a role and no one is excluded (except for the elves who intentionally keep out of the social life of the city). Although the animals occasionally come to Pixieville, they live in the area outside the city. Pixieville is very much like a modern bustling human city. But everything has a touch of magic making everything unique.

In The Mystery of Lost MagicPop, Chatta and Rollo mention that Pixieville is located in the Magic Dimension.

Social Structure

  • Pixies are the highest social class. Pixies do skilled jobs (bakers, teachers, inventors, etc.)
  • Gnomes have different roles, all involving a great deal of hard work at different levels.
  • Animals do simpler jobs or jobs that requires less skills compared to the pixies. Some help pixies in stores or offices.
  • Elves are the lowest class of Pixiville. They are a gang. Elves do not understand the value of hard work and take whatever they want whenever they want as dishonestly as possible.



There are no electronics or computer technology in Pixieville - all the systems and devices are magical since magic is the main energy that powers the town.