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Plasto is a PopPixie character. He is Martino's best friend.


Plasto, although Martino's best friend, has wrong timing and ruins all of his dates. Also, because of his magical power, he loves to play tricks on people. Since he is unemployed, Martino does his best to help him acquire a job.
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He seems good in helping at the salon of Pam.

Next, he also helps Fixit in fighting the malfunctioning robots. Because of Floxy and Narcissa's tricks, he could not get a job. Since then, since after he defeated the elves, he worked for the Pixie Bank to protect the money. Also, after his debut, he becomes a regular pixie.


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Pam and Plasto pretending to be cake decors

He wears a light green, long-sleeved shirt beneath his green tank top. He wears a yellow belt to secure his green pants. He also wears brown shoes. His blue hair is brushed up to two, pointed hair styles.

Plasto wears a helmet, bracelets and spandex outfit, which is sleeveless. His outfit focuses on green and teal colors.


In the PopPixie Series, Plasto debuts in the thirteenth episode "My Best Friend." Since then, he becomes a regular character.

Magical Abilities

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He has the ability to stretch his body parts and mold it into anything he wants. But after he acquired his magic pop, he gained the ability to stretch his body parts to enlarge it.


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