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PopPixie is a spin-off series based on Winx Club featuring the Pixies from Winx Club as main characters. However, the Winx do not appear in the series. It aired from January 10 to March 22, 2011, and consists of 52 episodes of thirteen minutes.


In a quiet corner in the Magic Universe there is a special dimension, a miniature world populated by gnomes, elves, talking animals… and especially by the Pixies. The city they live in is Pixieville, where they live their extraordinary everyday lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, magic globes of the Tree of Life, who allow the Pixies to turn into mini-heroes… the PopPixies!


In a quiet and secluded corner of the Magical Universe, there is a very special dimension, a miniature world populated by Gnomes, Elves, talking Animals, and above all by Pixies.

The town they live in is Pixieville, and it is here that Pixies go out about their extraordinary daily lives using the incredible magic of the MagicPops, the magical globes of the Tree of Life.

The MagicPops are the magical globes that contain positive magic grows on the Tree of Life. When a Pixie uses her or his talent wisely for the good of all, she or he may receive a MagicPop to become a PopPixie.



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  1. Green Attack
  2. A Pixie Fish
  3. Crazy Weather
  4. Lockette's Secret
  5. Flying Money
  6. Caramel's Ice Cream Tree
  7. The Mirror Spell
  8. The Big Interview
  9. A Robot for Chatta
  10. The Mystery of Lost MagicPop
  11. Let's Go Camp Pixie
  12. Save the Bumble Monkeys
  13. My Best Friend
  14. Amore's Love Potion
  15. Super Toy
  16. Techno MagicPop
  17. An Elf in School
  18. Gnomes Gone Mad
  19. Lenny & Yucca at War
  20. The Silent Curse
  21. The Schoolbus Heroes
  22. I'm a PopPixie Too!
  23. You're Fired!
  24. Bad Hair Day
  25. Martino's Special Talent
  26. Giant Spiders Invasion
  27. The Gnomes' Gold Rush
  28. The Perfect Party
  29. A Funny Pet
  30. The Pixieville Grand Prix
  31. A Stormy Talent Show
  32. Jolly's Crackling Exhibition
  33. Amore and the Quarreling Dragons
  34. Chatta's Biggest Fan
  35. The Last Gnome
  36. The Elves' Underground Assault
  37. MagicPops in Danger
  38. An Electrifying Day
  39. Three Amazing Wishes
  40. The Lilliputian Pixies
  41. Chatta's Chatting Rival
  42. Hurry up, Pam
  43. The Bad-Luck Ladybug
  44. Fixit and Martino's Bad Cold!
  45. Caramel's Sugary Cupcakes
  46. Living Like Cherie
  47. A Competition Between Caramel and Martino
  48. Mermaids, PopPixies' Best Friends!
  49. A Treasure under the Rainbow
  50. The Mermaids' Potion
  51. Rex's Threat on Pixieville
  52. Saving the Tree of Life!

Divergence from Winx Club

The setting of PopPixie is set in an alternate universe to that of Winx Club. Several aspects of the show prove that the shows do not take place within the same continuity:

  • The existence of male pixies; all pixies in Winx Club were female.
    • Most notably, a few pixies who had significant roles in Winx Club have different genders in PopPixie. Digit, Livy, Zing, and Jolly are all male in PopPixie.
    • Some people presume this is an example of gender-fluidity, since there genders change from Winx Club, being female, and in PopPixie, being male, and back to female in Winx Club Season 6.
  • The Tree of Life plays a different role in PopPixie; MagicPops were never mentioned in Winx Club.
  • Pixieville is much more modernized than Pixie Village, complete with a barrier surrounding the perimeter (similar to Magix) that Pixie Village lacked. Additionally, only pixies lived in Pixie Village whereas Pixieville's population is much more diverse.
  • Some pixies have slightly different areas of specialties in PopPixie and are capable of becoming more powerful through MagicPops, earning transformations that are similar to the upgrades achieved by fairies in Winx Club. However, the potential for the pixies becoming more powerful in Winx Club has never been addressed, nor do the pixies ever feel inclined to enhance their powers.
  • No human characters - including the Winx - appear in PopPixie at all. Consequently, the bonding that occurs between fairies and pixies has never been brought up in PopPixie despite being the key to the pixies' relevance in Winx Club.
  • Many of the main characters in PopPixie are portrayed to be older than their Winx Club incarnations, with most having full-time jobs and behaving like typical teens/young adults. Consequently, some pixies (such as Lockette) have notably different personalities compared to their Winx Club counterparts. Tune, however, appears to be younger than her Winx Club version.
  • While Ninfea does exist in PopPixie and retains the same role she had in Winx Club, the other Guardian Pixies from Winx Club (Concorda, Discorda, and Athena) do not appear and are never mentioned, nor the areas they preside over.

In Season 6 of Winx Club, Pixies who originally appeared in PopPixie such as Cherie and Caramel, and PopPixie locations such as the Molly Moo, were introduced in the Winx Club continuity and respectively replace Tune and Digit as Musa's and Tecna's bonded pixies. This created an inconsistency in the separation between PopPixie's and Winx Club's continuities since these Pixies had never appeared in previous seasons of Winx Club.

This inconsistency was continued when in Season 8 of Winx Club, Gnomes who originally appeared in PopPixie like Grind and Ronf were introduced in the Winx Club continuity.

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  • This is the seventh show produced & directed by Iginio Straffi.
  • This is the first Winx Club spin-off to be featured on Netflix, the second being World of Winx.
  • PopPixie uses background instrumentals from Season 4 of Winx Club.
  • Along with World of Winx and Season 8, this is the only series which does not include an album for the soundtracks.

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