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A Pixie Fish is the second episode of PopPixie.



Ranger Robinson invites Amore to go for a romantic swim in Lake Rainbow. Enthusiastic, she accepts without revealing that she cannot swim!


For some time, Amore and Ranger Robinson seem to be interested in each other, but shyness prevents them from declaring themselves. One day Robinson invites Amore for a romantic swim in Rainbow Lake. Enthusiastic, the Pixie accepts without confessing to her beloved that she can not swim... panicked, she creates a potion which, instead of making her swim like a fish, risks turning her into a fish! The effect will be irreversible if Amore fails to dive into the waters of the Rainbow Lake before sunset. Will the Pixies be able to save their friend?[1]


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Amore as a fish.

Livy is delivering letters to the people of Pixieville.

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Major Events




Theme Songs



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  • Amore is briefly seen twice on the street before Livy arrives at the Love Shop even though Amore was already inside of the shop.
    • Besides that, Martino, Caramel, and Pam can seen as well even though they should have been at Molly Moo and her Beauty Salon respectively.


When a Pixie is able to use his talent for good the Tree of Life gives him a MagicPop.

- Narrator


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