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A Pixie Fish is the second episode of PopPixie.


Ranger Robinson invites Amore to go for a romantic swim in Lake Rainbow. Enthusiastic, she accepts without revealing that she cannot swim!


Fish amore

Amore as a fish.

Livy is delivering letters to the people of Pixieville.

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Major Events

  • Amore has a date with Robinson at Rainbow Lake during sunset.
  • Amore makes a potion to make herself swim like a fish because she cannot swim.
  • Amore turns into a fish because of the potion.
  • Livy earns his MagicPop and becomes a PopPixie.
    • With that, this marks the first time a male Pixie earns a MagicPop and the title of PopPixie if one does not count Martino, as mentioned in the previous episode.




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