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Lockette's Secret is the fourth episode of the first season of PopPixie.



Lockette's parents are visiting! Lockette wants to make a good impression on them, so she pretends to be the most famous confectioner in Pixieville.


During a usual chaotic day at Pixie Plaza, Lockette receives a phone call from her parents announcing that they are coming to visit her. Lockette, who has not yet received the MagicPop and wants to make a good impression in front of her parents, decides to pose as the most renowned pastry chef in Pixieville. With the complicity of her friends, Lockette invites her parents to Molly Moo. Will she be able to lie without being exposed?[1]


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Lockette's parents come to Pixieville but there is only one problem: they think Lockette is the owner of the Molly Moo. Therefore, Martino sends Caramel away and Lockette tries to bake a cake for her parents. She does not succeed, so she uses Caramel's MagicPop to bake the cake. Through all the stress, she accidentally gives the "Hercules Pie" to Rex, Floxy and Lenny. The Elves become super strong and lose their wits. They beat up Martino, demolish the Molly Moo and try to crush Lockette and her parents with a table. At that moment, Caramel enters the Molly Moo and defeats the Elves. After they were saved, Lockette tells her parents that she was just an employee at the Pixie Plaza and has not earned her MagicPop yet. They tell their daughter that they were proud that she told them the truth.

Major Events

  • Lockette’s parents pay her a visit.
  • Lockette uses Caramel’s MagicPop to make a cake.
  • Rex, Lenny and Floxy eat Lockette’s cake and become stronger.
  • Caramel transforms (for the first time in the series) and defeats the elves.
  • Lockette apologizes to her parents for lying.


  • Lockette's Parents
  • Milkshake
  • Magic Recipe Book
  • Anti-Theft Cream Puffs
  • Affectionate Wafers
  • Fizzy Jelly
  • Herculean Cake
  • Caramel's PopPixie



Theme Songs




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