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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Flying Money

Scene: Pixieville Chronicle

Editor: I must say, Chatta, you've got a real talent for...
Chatta: Are you serious?! You mean it?! You really like my scoops, my articles? I can work here at the Pixieville Chronicle? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Whoohooo! Yes! Yes!
Editor: Are you finished?
Chatta: Do you want to discuss my contract? Okay! Where do I sign?
Editor: I was trying to say, you have a real talent for digging up USELESS information!
Chatta: U-useless? Could you please be more specific?
Editor: Useless! Stupid! Vapid! Ridiculous! Banal! Phony!
Chatta: Okay, I get it! But what about my article on Lola-
Editor: The flying Pixie? How many Pixies do you know who DON'T fly?
Chatta: Yes, but she flies BACKWARDS! Isn't that incredible?

  • Lola breaks the office's window*

Chatta: Okay, okay, okay, maybe she still having some problems with the rear-view mirrors, but...

  • Chatta gets thrown out*

Scene: Molly Moo

  • Chatta lands on Lockette, Cherie and Fixit's table*

Lockette: You're early today!
Chatta: You big nitwit! I was born to write the news!
Martino: You are the news, Chatta! The most ejected aspiring journalist in Pixieville!
Cherie: Hey! My new dress!
Martino: You moved the glass!
Lockette: Break's over! Bye guys!
Cherie: Now I'll have to go on a wild shopping spree and buy a whole new wardrobe!

  • Lockette and Cherie leave*

Chatta: Work, shopping, always the same thing! Nothing interesting ever happens in Pixieville!

Scene: Pixieville

Chatta: I've been wandering around all night and not one single newsworthy thing has happened. This town is boring!

  • A music is heard and a stream of money appears*

Scene: Villa Ollivander

Chatta: Cherie, it's Chatta! Quick, open up! I have big news! There's a huge money snake roaming the skies of Pixieville. And a flying piggy bank!
Cherie: How many piggy banks do you know that don't fly? What's so strange about it?

Scene: Fixit's House

Chatta: Fixit! Open up! Quick! I've got the scoop of the century! Hear me! Wake up!
Fixit: Give me a sec, Chatta.

  • He closes the window*

Chatta: Why you???

Scene: Lockette's House

Chatta: What a nightmare! I've got the scoop of the year and nobody wants to listen to me!
Lockette: I believe you, Chatta!
Chatta: You saw a flying piggy bank?
Lockette: Yes, it was my Grunty...
Chatta: It's okay. It's okay, Lockette.
Lockette: My piggy bank had all my Pixiemoney inside!
Chatta: Don't worry, we'll find Grunty, and I'll write an exclusive article on the Mysterious Money grabbing monster!
Lockette: Yes, but how?
Chatta: Use your locating talent to find the piggy bank.
Lockette: Let's see! Yes! I can feel it! Yes, yes! Grunty is heading north!
Chatta: Good! Let's go!

Scene: Pixieville

Chatta: It's a mystery, alright! Like some invisible force has sucked all the money from the houses...
Lockette: Look, a clue! Pixiemoney!
Gnomes: Pixiemoney?

  • They fight over a coin*

Gnomes: Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! Not if I get to it first! Noooooooooooo!
Lockette: Look, Chatta, more Pixiemon...mph!
Chatta: Don't say that word! The Gnomes have really good hearing when you're talkin' Pixiemon... mph!

  • Lenny and Yucca appear*

Lenny: Welcome to the Elves neighborhood! You need to pay a toll to enter!
Yucca: Whaddya got, girls?
Chatta: How about... umm... PIXIEMONEY?

  • Lenny catches the coin, but a group of gnomes shows up and jumps on the elves*

Lockette: I guess we'll have to find another clue to help us find my piggy bank!
Chatta: Here's one! It's the music I heard that last night! Let's follow it!

Scene: Elves' House

Maxine: Now this is what I call elf-style living!
Rex: And it's only the beginning! The Magic Flute worked wonders last night! Now it's gonna help us rob the Pixieville Bank!
Maxine: The swimming pool's not gonna be able to hold it all! Way to go, Rex!
Rex: Hey! Where'd Floxy go?

  • The house explodes*

Floxy: For Elves' sake! This thing won't open! Not even with a cannon shot!
Rex: Give it to me, wimp! It's not that difficult to break a piggy bank!

  • The piggy bank bites him*

Chatta: Wow! That's quite the temper your pig has!
Lockette: My little Grunty is protected by an anti-breaking spell.
Rex: Wrench! Blowtorch! Bazooka!

  • All fail*

Floxy: I told you, Rex! That pig is a tough one!

  • Grunty smells Lockette and runs to her. They reunite*

Lockette: Grunty! I missed you so much!

  • Rex takes back the piggy bank*

Rex: Get that Pixie! That pig is ours!
Chatta: Oh, no!

Scene: Bank

Grind: This is very disturbing!
Chatta: Don't worry, Mr. Grind! We'll free Lockette soon, you'll see!
Grind: I was talking about the money! That evil Magic Flute could wipe me out!
Chatta: Take it from me, by saving Lockette, you'll also save your money! All that free publicity will attract more clients!
Grind: Free publicity? Really?
Chatta: Yes!
Cherie: This is the last time you get me involved in something like this! Look at my hair, it's a mess!
Chatta: Quiet! Or they'll hear us!

Scene: Pixieville

Rex: Play it loud, Floxy!

Scene: Elves' House

Floxy: Hey, Pixiemoney that talks! And it's all mine!
Cherie: I'm not your gift! You idiot!
Rex: They're taking away our hard-earned money! Stop them!

  • The pixies run away*

Rex: How dare you?!! I'll get you for this! Venom!

Scene: Pixieville

Rex: You won't escape us!
Chatta: We have to go faster! Come on, Fixit! Play louder! Louder, Fixit!

  • Fixit is exhausted*

Lockette: No!
Cherie: How do you play this thing? It's getting on my nerves!
Rex: Hold tight!
Lockette: Give it to me!

  • Lockette plays the flute*

Rex: Hold on!

  • Rex gets the flute back*

Lockette: Oh, no, Grunty! What'll we do?
Chatta: Stop, right there!
Lockette: Oh, Grunty! Grunty!
Cherie: Don't you dare touch Fixit!
Fixit: Oh, no!
Chatta: Got it!
Fixit: Nicely done, Chatta!
Grind: My money! My money! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Noooooooooooooo!
Caramel: What do you think you're doing?
Grind: Trying to console myself.
Gnomes: Our money! Our money!

Scene: Pixieville Chronicle

Editor: We can't keep on going like this! The Pixieville Chronicle needs big news!
Chatta: This is the biggest news story to ever hit Pixieville! All of our Pixieville money was stolen by the Elves and...
Rex: Got it!

  • Rex breaks the window and tries to take the flute back but fails*

Chatta: All thanks to this Magic Flute! Want to hear the melody?
Editor: Get out of here!

  • Chatta leaves immediately*

Voice: Open up!

  • The editor is surrounded by a group of gnomes after he opens the door*

Gnomes: Our money! Our money! Our money! Our money!

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