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Save the Bumble Monkeys is the twelfth episode of the first season of PopPixie.



Chatta's favorite singer, Justin Nimble, is singing at a charity concert to benefit the Bumble Monkeys. To draw Justin's attention, Chatta adopts one.


Chatta reads in the newspaper that her favorite singer, Justin Nimble, will be organizing a charity concert in favor of the "Bumble Monkeys". To get Justin's attention, Chatta decides to find out all about these particular monkeys and adopts one. Unfortunately, the Pixie soon discovers that she is allergic to the bumble monkeys... but she will still be able to get noticed by Justin![1]



When Chatta heard that the famous pop star Justin Nimble was coming to Pixieville to organize a charity concert for the Bumble Monkeys, she wants to impress him. But Fixit said she knows nothing about the Bumble Monkeys, so she and her friends go on a safari trip to learn about them. At the end, their guide told them that Justin loves to adopt the monkeys. So Chatta decided to also adopt one. But their was only one slight problem: she was allergic to the little Monkey. With the help of Fixit's technology, Chatta's allergic reaction was camouflaged. At the concert, Justin saw Chatta with the Monkey and asked her to come on stage. But an Elf let her stumble and her camouflage was gone. On stage, Justin saw Chatta was allergic and told her that he was also allergic. The episode ends when Justin sings the song "Bumble Monkey" and Chatta says this was the greatest day of her life.





  • In the Cinélume version, during the title card, the word "Monkeys" is spelled incorrectly as "Monkey's".



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