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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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My Best Friend

Scene: Molly Moo

Floxy: Hey, Narcissa, give me some light.
Narcissa: There! Floxy, I'm officially tired of your cheap tricks! Why are we here?
Floxy: Hah! Because of this, Narcissa! Caramel's famous Pistachio Sand. You mix this with a pinch of Elf Berrie's dust and instant Toad maker potion! Cool, huh?

  • He adds the ingredients in*

Floxy: Hey! Come back here!
Narcissa: I was hoping to go and rob the Pixieville Bank.
Floxy: Got it! Now let's get outta here before the alarm goes off!
Narcissa: There's an Alarm System?!

  • Two guards appear but Floxy turns them into frogs*

Caramel: Who set off my alarm in the middle of the night?!

  • The elves leave*

Caramel: I'll get you for this!

  • Morning time*

Caramel: The cake for those two rascals is ready! Now, how about some Pop-fritters? And-a-one! And two! One, two, and jump, and jump... and jump, and jump!
Martino: Hey! Plasto! That was my fritter! How many times have I told you, don't take my food.
Plasto: Thanks, buddy! I just love those pop-fritters!
Squirrels: Hey! Who drank our Acorn Milkshakes?
Caramel: That's it! I've had it! He bursts in here everyday, eats fritters for free and disturbs my customers! I want him out of the Molly Moo. Now!
Martino: Wait, sis! Plasto is one of my childhood friends, he's not that bad. He's just...
Caramel: Gone! As usual. And without paying a cent!
Martino: Maybe he was hurt by what you said, Caramel!
Caramel: He was hurt!? Martino, remember what happened to your new Flyskateboard? And what about the red umbrella? Do you remember all the times you went to the movies together?
Martino: Uhm, vaguely...

  • Flashback starts*

Plasto: Can I borrow that, Martino? Thanks!

  • Flashback changes*

Plasto: Can I borrow that? Thank you!

  • Flashback ends*

Caramel: A real friend doesn't take advantage of another friend, Martino. It's time Plasto learned that!

Scene: Pixieville

Plasto: A job?! What do I need a job for?
Martino: To buy things. That's the way it works! You work, you earn, you buy! You can't always rely on other people, it's not fair.
Plasto: But who's going to hire me? I've got no experience!
Martino: I know just where to go! I hear Pam's looking for a helper.
Gnome #1: Then I said, how much?
Narcissa: Ugh! This is so boring! I want action! I want money! Heaps of money! And I want it now! So, think of something!

Scene: Pam's Beauty Salon

Voice: Pam must be raking it in!
Pam: Hair dryer! Brush!
Martino: My! That's it, Plasto!
Pam: Face cream! Lipstick! Powder! Plasto! You are exactly the help I needed while Bamboo is on holiday! Isn't he, Rafflesia?
Rafflesia: He is, Darling! Don't forget to trim my ear hair.
Plasto: I don't know why, but, I'm starting to enjoy this! Pam's Beauty Salon?
Narcissa: Floxy, I've just had a deliciously evil idea.
Floxy: Yes! What're we gonna do? What're we gonna do?
Narcissa: What you're best at? Nothing! Stay here until I tell you to.

  • She enters the salon but then jumps out immediately*

Narcissa: Run!!!
Pixie #1: My hair!
Pixie #2: My head!
Rafflesia: My body! My beautiful young body!
Pam: What did you do?
Plasto: Nothing! I was just doing my job and...
Pam: This is no longer your job. Get out of here! Now!
Plasto: So much for that!
Martino: Don't you worry, Buddy, I know the perfect place for you!

Scene: Toy Shop

Augustus: Another employee?! No way! Fixit already does the job of two people!
Martino: You could hire Plasto as an unpaid trainee.
Martino: Unpaid, huh? I like that!
Rico: Wait a second! I thought I was the apprentice?
Augustus: All right, all right! Then you'll be the Chief apprentice! Happy? You'll also work for free!
Martino: Fixit will only make the toys and then Plasto can test them and then you will be able to sell more of them!
Augustus: Deal!
Plasto: This place is fantastic! Haha! I'll do my best, Mr. Augustus!
Narcissa: Ready to ruin his career?
Floxy: Sure! These batteries are so nasty, they have two negative poles!
Fixit: Try my new masterpiece, the Teddy Bear Musician!
Plasto: It's very nice, but also quite frightening! Ah!
Fixit: What's going on! Ah!
Martino: You can't catch me!
Augustus: Plasto! What did you do?
Fixit: Stuffed toys! I hate stuffed toys! That should do it!
Fixit, Martino & Plasto: Augustus!
Fixit: I'll get him!
Plasto: Uhhmm, maybe we better...
Martino: Take off! Let's go!

Scene: Pixieville

Martino: Cheer up, Plasto. There's still Amore's shop or Chatta's radio.
Plasto: No. Forget it!
Martino: Don't give up now, Plasto!
Plasto: I'm just useless!

  • He leaves*

Floxy: I can't believe it! Aren't you the famous Plasto?
Plasto: Famous? What? For my disasters?
Floxy: Are you kidding? I've heard a lot about you. You are the best mover in Pixieville!
Plasto: Mover?
Floxy: Being a mover is a big responsibility! It requires technique and intuition! You've got the talent, and we've got the van! Soon we'll be number one! A successful company of successful people! It's a dream job! You want it?
Plasto: Huh? I'm not sure I'm qualified but... I'll do my best!

Scene: Pixieville Bank

Plasto: The Pixieville Bank?
Floxy: Yessiree! We've been hired to rob... I mean to move the all the money to a new secret place! Our home. We'd better get to work! Oh, no! I forgot the keys at the office! It's our first important job! If we fail, it'll mean the end for our team!
Plasto: No problem, dude! I'll handle it!
Narcissa: With this dolt on our side, we'll be rich in the blink of an eye!

  • Plasto passes through all obstacles but the final laser ray. The alarm goes off*

Grind: Stop thief! My bank! Help! My money is in danger!
Narcissa: I'm gonna be the wealthiest elf in Pixieville!
Floxy: What about the rubber guy? He still in there!
Narcissa: Even better! He'll be blamed for it!
Grind: That dirty rotten scoundrel! Stop him! Two weeks paid holiday to the one who gets him!
Plasto: Ahh! I'm innocent! Ahhh! No!
Martino: I've been looking everywhere for you, Plasto, and you were robbing banks?
Plasto: Martino, I can explain everything!
Grind: Noooo! My poor money! My baby! Come back to Daddy!
Martino: Plasto! Wait! Where are you going?

Scene: Molly Moo

Narcissa: You made us stop for cake?
Floxy: We have to celebrate our heist, don't we?
Plasto: Stop right there! You tricked me!
Narcissa: Looks like our partner wants to ruin the party!
Plasto: Oh yeah?

Scene: Pixieville

Floxy: Sleepwalking bunnies!
Narcissa: Not again! I hate sleepwalking bunnies! Bye bye, Doofus! Thanks for everything!
Plasto: Perfect!
Floxy: Watch out for the Endless Swamp! Don't...
Plasto: I stopped them!
Narrator: When a Pixie is able to use his talent for good, The Tree of life gives him a MagicPop. A magic sphere that can turn a Pixie into a PopPixie!

  • Plasto transforms*

Narrator: The PopPixie of Elasticity!
Martino: That's fantastic! You got your MagicPop!
Plasto: And I got back the bank's money! I'm not bad after all!

Scene: Pixieville Bank

Grind: Plasto is the helper I've been waiting for! He does the work of three employees, but for one paycheck!
Plasto: There you go! Pleasure to see you again! Pop-fritters! I love this job!

Scene: Endless Swamp

Narcissa: When do you think they'll come rescue us?
Floxy: I have no idea! But cheer up, there's still some cake left! Here!

  • They both are turned into frogs*
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