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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Amore's Love Potion

Scene: Love Shop

Amore: I need to pack a my herb pouch and my titanium stamen extractor!
Otis: Is it just me, or are you in a hurry, Amore?
Amore: I have to find the most powerful counter-magic blossom! It blooms only once a year and it grows at the very top of Mount Pixie. Oh, I have to get one!
Otis: Relax, take it easy!
Amore: That should do it! Otis, I need you to go to the Golden Wardrobe and pick up my new dress. Just ask Penny for it.
Otis: Okay, no problem, you can depend on me.
Amore: Thanks! Bye!

Scene: Golden Wardrobe

Narcissa: Floxy, does this one make me look ugly?
Floxy: No, Narcissa.
Narcissa: What?
Floxy: I mean, YES! You look horribly ugly in that! Absolutely atrocious!
Narcissa: Perfect! I'll take it!

  • They hide the dress*

Penny: Found one that you like?
Narcissa: No! Not one of them fit me.
Penny: Not even that one?
Narcissa: It was too tight!

  • They attack Penny then run away. Otis and Penny bump into each other, Otis falls in love with Penny*

Penny: Help! Pixie Police!
Otis: I'm... um... here for a dress.
Police #1: What happened here?
Plisse: Two elves just stole a dress from my shop! You've got to catch them!
Penny: Sorry, not now! Come back later.

Scene: Love Shop

Otis: She loves me, she loves me not. Oh, owl! She's so pretty!
Owl: You should ask her out.
Otis: But what if she thinks I'm stupid?
Owl: Otis, why on earth would she think that?
Otis: Aha! You're right! She could never love someone like me. Unless...

  • He starts mixing potions*

Owl: Otis, preparing potions without a recipe can be very dangerous!

  • Otis completely ignores his words*

Owl: He's totally lost it, I'm getting out of here!
Otis: I know Amore uses a lot of this... and this... Oh, and I almost forgot! Hmm... Haha!
Owl: I probably should have stopped him.

  • The potion explodes and affects the entire village*

Scene: Pixieville

Narcissa: C'mon!
Police #1: There they are!

  • The polices catch them*

Police #2: Nice to see you!

  • The potion affects the polices and they release them*

Police #2: Come back anytime!

Scene: Molly Moo

Narcissa: You're not going to sticking that under your shirt too, are you?
Martino & Caramel: You don't have to, because anything you want is FREEEEE!
Narcissa & Floxy: What???
Martino & Caramel: Freeeeee!
Floxy: I'll take five!
Narcissa: And another six for me.
Martino: You guys are beautiful! Come back again!

Scene: Pixieville Bank

Grind: When are you elves ever going to learn? You can't steal money from my bank!

  • The potion affects him*

Grind: Hunh? You just have to ask! Take a million in Pixiemoney cash!
Maxine: I don't know what's going on but... yeah!

  • Maxine and Rex leave*

Scene: Cut & Dry Salon

Pam: Quick, Bamboo, over here!

  • Lenny and Yucca create chaos in the salon. Everyone gets mad at them but then the potion affects them and they all change their attitude*

Pixie #1: Don't you just love my new hairstyle?
Animal #1: Not as much as I love mine, honey!
Pixie #2: I look so beautiful! How did you do it?
Lenny: Like this!
Pam: Haha! You're fantastic!

Scene: Pixieville

  • Amore returns and she's shocked of what's happening*

Animal #2: Thanks!

  • Floxy bumps into her and Narcissa takes her flower, a cake hits her head but Martino and Caramel give Floxy and Narcissa more cake*

Martino: Enjoy it, my love!
Amore: Martino? Caramel? It's like they're under some kind of love spell! A love spell? That means that...

  • In another place, the elves gather*

Elves: Pixieville loves us! Pixieville loves us!
Rex: Looks like now we'll be able to rob that bank!

Scene: Love Shop

Owl: I told you not to do it. But oh no, you knew better!
Amore: Otis! Mind telling me what's going on around here?
Otis: It's simple... I... uh... What do you mean?
Amore: You mixed my love potions without my permission, didn't you? And you...
Otis: I didn't get your dress!
Amore: Forget it! Now we have a much bigger problem!

  • She makes antidote*

Amore: The pink one please. Noooooooooooo!

  • Another explosion appears*

Owl: I probably should have stopped both of them!

Scene: Pixie Plaza

Pixie #3: But we paid for this!
Lockette: Leave! I said leave!

  • All customers run away*

Lockette: Your room is ready for you!

Scene: Pixieville

  • Penny runs after Floxy*

Floxy: Okay, you love me! Leave me alone!
Pixies: We want your autograph!

Scene: Love Shop

Amore: My counter-magic didn't work. If we don't do something soon, Pixieville will become Elfville!
Otis: Can I help?
Amore: Yes, clean up! The only chance we have in breaking that love spell is by finding that counter-magic blossom! I'll use my PopPixie power!

  • Amore transforms*

Amore: PopPixie of Feelings!

Scene: Pixieville Bank

Amore: Hold it!
Pixies: Can we get a picture? Work it! Bye!
Rex: It would be great if we didn't have to deal with traffic jams!
Police #1: Don't worry, guys!
Maxine: Yes!
Police #1: Move away, people! Let the elves through!
Amore: I believe that's MY counter blossom!
Narcissa: Hey! I want that flower back!

  • The police takes it for her*

Amore: No!
Police #1: Here!
Amore: I needed that flower to stop the elves!
Police #2: You're the one who has to be stopped!
Amore: PopPixie power! This will calm you down!

  • The polices are neutralized. A gnome grabs Narcissa*

Gnome #1: My love!

  • Maxine gets the flower*

Rex: This Pixie is really starting to bug me!
Maxine: So you want this, huh?
Caramel: Do you want one of my amazing sweet cakes?

  • Maxine lets the cakes attack Amore*

Caramel: Where you going, honey?

  • Amore gets the flower back*

Amore: Finally everything can get back to normal!

  • She uses her power to neutralize the entire village*

Floxy: Okay, girls, that's enough! You don't have to thank me anymore.
Pixies: Hunh? Thank you?

Scene: Pixie Plaza

Lockette: And don't you dare come back here again!

Scene: Pixieville

Pixies: Yeah! Hey! Great! Three, two, one.

Scene: Pixieville Bank

Grind: You will return every dime you took, with interest!

Scene: Love Shop

Amore: Otis, hand me that potion.
Otis: I'm so glad everything's back to normal.
Amore: Yes, just promise you'll pay attention next time. Where's that dress I asked you to get?

  • Penny comes to hand the dress*

Penny: Hi, Amore! Here's the dress you ordered! It just arrived.
Amore: Thank you, Penny!
Penny: Hi, Otis!

  • Otis accidentally makes the potions mixed again*
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