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Super Toy is the fifteenth episode of PopPixie.



Fixit realizes that a toy prototype that he built for Augustus' shop is dangerous. In order to avoid damage, Fixit tries to deactivate it.


Fixit discovers that a toy prototype he made for Augustus' shop is dangerous and indestructible. To prevent it from doing damage, or worse, being used by Augustus to build a new set of innovative childproof toys, Fixit steals the toy and takes it to his home to be able to permanently deactivate it. But Augustus is ready to steal it secretly...[1]


The Super Toy's robot form

At the Toy Shop, Augustus wants to sell something to a mother whose child demolish all his toys. So Fixit thought about his newest invention: a indestructible toy. But Fixit was afraid the toy really lives, so he refused to let Augustus sell him. At his home, Fixit decided to destroy his creation. But the Super Toy tried to run away, so Fixit blow him up with dynamite. But only his "skin" was burned off and his exoskeleton was shown. The Super Toy tried to beat Fixit, but with the help of his MagicPop, Fixit destroyed the electronic brain of the robot. But in the deactivated eyes of the Super Toy, a faint light of vengeance to his creator still shines.





  • The scene when Fixit tried to blow up the Super Toy and his exoskeleton was shown is possibly a parody to the movie "The Terminator".


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