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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Super Toy

Scene: Toy Shop

Animal: My poor baby! It was his favorite toy, and look what happened to it! Help us please, Mister Augustus!
Augustus: Don't worry. My assistant will fix it in no time, won't you, Fixit? Unfortunately, it's going to cost you a little, hehe.
Fixit: Not really, Augustus! It's still under warranty!
Augustus: It's... it's... still under warranty?! We have to fix it... for FREE??? I'll do it!
Fixit: But I thought...?

  • He tries to fix the toy*

Augustus: Oh, no! We're losing him!
Animal: What?
Augustus: I did all I could, kid! But sorry, it's a cruel world! He's gone for good!
Fixit: Happy? Don't listen to him, your furry toy will be as good as new, promise!
Augustus: Right! You'll get a brand new one! Hehe. Here you go, sweet, soft and very durable. See? It's unbreakable And in exchange for your invaluable used one, I'm prepared to offer you a discount of two percent! Actually, you know what? I'll change that, yeah, I want to go bankrupt! I'll discount the discount. Full price for you. What a deal!
Animal: Alright, Mister Augustus. How much?
Augustus: Double!
Rico: There, little one, it's all yours.

  • The baby animal starts to torture the toy*

Augustus: How sweet! My baby!

  • The toy is destroyed again*

Rico: C'mon, don't cry! I'm sure qe have something more suitable for you! Fixit, I just think this is a great opportunity to try out your latest invention!
Fixit: No! I still have some adjustments to make on the circuits and I need to improve its look.
Rico: We can take care of that right away!
Fixit: Yuck! It's even scarier than before! You know I can't stand alien furry toys!

  • The toy's eyes just glow*

Fixit: Did you see that? It went on by itself!
Rico: It's not on!

  • The eyes stop glowing*

Fixit: It looks like it's off, but I know it's listening to us!
Rico: And I don't like its expression!
Toy: I love you very much!
Augustus: It's perfect! Out of my way! May I present, the first indestructible toy!
Fixit: No!
Toy: Want to play with me?

  • The baby starts to torture the new toy*

Augustus: It really works!
Animal: It's wonderful! I'll take it!
Fixit: No! You can't. It's not for sale. The toy is... is... still being tested!
Toy: We'll be friends forever!

Scene: Fixit's House

  • He imagines the toy destroy the village*

Toy: Play with me!

  • Imagination ends*

Fixit: No invention can turn itself against its inventor! I created it, and I can take it down!

  • The toy runs away*

Fixit: Hey! It's running away! Get him, quick! Stop him!
Augustus: Fixit must've gone crazy! That thingamajig is the invention of the century! I must have that toy at all costs!
Fixit: Oh, dear! I shouldn't have made it such a neatnik!

Scene: Pixieville

Augustus: First, pick the lock! Go inside undisturbed and...

  • Augustus is electrified. Chatta is annoyed by the noises he made*

Chatta: Quit screaming, you hooligan! Some of us are sleeping!
Augustus: Darn, Fixit and his inventions!

  • He tries to intrude via the windows but fails again and annoys Chatta again*

Chatta: Listen buddy, if you're having trouble sleeping, try counting sheep! Or fridges!

  • She throws a fridge at him*

Augustus: Plan B! Dig a tunnel. A tunnel that will lead me straight into...

Scene: Tune's House

  • A quake breaks all Tune's belongings*

Tune: My treasures!
Augustus: Tune?

  • She attacks him with her voice*

Scene: Pixieville

Augustus: Plan C! Enter by the roof!

Scene: Fixit's House

  • He successfully enters the house, but lands on the rubbish bin*

Augustus: Aha! I made it! I'm in! What the...? Ohh! Hold on! What are you doing? Let me out!!!

  • The cleaning robot throws him outside*

Fixit: There you are! Stop wasting time! Find that furry animal! That's it! Good! Distract him!

  • He sticks a dynamite on the toy's back*

Fixit: There! Mission accomplished! Now take cover!

  • Augustus successfully gets the toy*

Augustus: Yes! Huh?

  • The toy still survives after the explosion*

Fixit: Darn! It's still in one piece! Go, get it!

  • He puts it in a freezer*

Fixit: I still don't know how to destroy you, but this should stop you for a while!
Augustus: Here he is! My precious puppet!

  • Augustus is thrown out again*

Scene: Villa Ollivander

  • He lands on Cherie's villa*

Cherie: How dare you ruin my beauty sleep???

  • Cherie attacks him so he lands on Fixit's house again*

Scene: Fixit's House

Augustus: Yes! At last!
Toy: We'll be friends forever!
Augustus: Of course we will, little one! And we'll also be very rich!
Fixit: Who crashed into the door? Where'd the toy go? Oh no! It's going to seek revenge and destroy me and Pixieville!

  • Fixit enthusiastically looks for the toy*

Fixit: You asked for it! I'm gonna do a lot more than just deactivate you! Thanks to this satellite device, it'll be as easy as pie to locate and terminate you! Missed it by that much!
Augustus: Help! My puppet! No, don't run! We'll be rich! Very rich!
Fixit: I got you! I got you! I got you!

  • The toy enters the house*

Fixit: You're back! Now just hold on a sec! What are you going to do? Let's talk first!

  • He hits a button and the toy is trapped*

Fixit: Now I got you trapped!

  • The toy destroys the cage*

Toy: We'll be friends forever! We'll be friends forever! We'll be friends forever! We'll be friends forever! We'll be friends forever!
Fixit: Forget it! Now, I'm gonna deactivate you! PopPixie of Technomagic!

  • Fixit transforms*
  • The toy shoots a laser beam at his MagicPop. The toy and Fixit then start the fight. The laser hits Fixit and pushes him on the chair, his MagicPop comes to him*

Fixit: My MagicPop! Now we're in business!

  • He successfully deactivates the toy*

Fixit: I did it!

Scene: Toy Shop

Rico: Why'd you bring it back to the shop? I thought you wanted to destroy it?
Fixit: I did! But Augustus insisted I bring it back! I wonder why.
Rico: Yeah.
Fixit: What happened to him?
Rico: You don't know? A mysterious UFO destroyed half of Pixieville! It even tried to get your toy!
Fixit: Oh! Really?
Rico: Yeah, but they didn't know it was indestructible! At least the danger's over. Its electronic brain must be out of order. Now it's just a harmless toy. Right, Fixit?

  • As Fixit leaves, the toy's eyes glow again*
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