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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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Techno MagicPop

Scene: Forrest

Gnome: Nothin'! Dag nabbit! Nobody seems to be losing Pixiecoins anymore! Hnn? A paperclip? I thought it was gold! Just a measly Pixiecoin! Is that too much to ask? Hnn? Hello... A thumbtack? What the heck? Hehe. Where there's big dragons, there's big treasure! Treasure! This must be one heck of a treasure!

  • He fails to find any real treasure but bothers the dragon and fellow pixie tourists around the waterfall. The annoyed dragon attacks him and crashes the machine by accident*

Scene: Digit's House

Chatta: Good morning, Pixieville! It's 10 a.m. on this beautiful warm, sunny day!

  • Various machines try to wake Digit*

Hologram: It's 10:01 a.m.! Digit, wake up! You're late for your annual technomagic duel with Fixit! You can beat him! You know you can!
Digit: Yeah!

Scene: Pixieville

Chatta: Hey, everyone! This is Chatta for RadioPixie! This year's most exciting competition is about to start! Haha!
Amore: It always ends in a tie!
Chatta: And here are the two very supportive fan clubs! Looking good, as always, and ready to cheer!
Fixit's Fan Club: Yeah! Go, Fixit! Yay!
Digit's Fan Club: Go Digit! Go Digit! Go Digit! Go Digit! Yay! Yay! Hurray!

  • Digit arrives*

Fixit: You're late!
Digit: Looking forward to losing?
Chatta: Who'll win the technomagic duel? Who'll be the best?
Fixit: Me!
Digit: Me!
Chatta: Let the competition begin!
Digit: I'll use my crystal to amplify my powers and create a magic fireball!
Digit's Fan Club: Yay! Digit! Go, Digit!
Fixit: Super techno-flamethrower!

  • The flamethrower blows a stream of fire toward the fireball and creates an explosion.*

Fixit's Fan Club: Fixit! Yay! Fixit! Yah! Fixit! FIXIT!
Chatta: And Fixit takes the lead early on. Fixit, one, Digit, zero!
Fixit: Robo-robot!

  • Digit uses his device and creates a golem from a big rock*

Digit: Magic golem!

  • The golem and robot fight. The golem takes a screw from the robot and defeats it easily*

Chatta: Fixit, one. Digit, one! It's a close one, guys!

  • An evil creature appears from the damaged machine*

Digit: Magic unicorn!
Fixit: Turbo motorcycle!

  • The motorcycle beats the unicorn effortlessly*

Chatta: Fixit, two! Digit, one! This competition is really heating up now!
Fixit: Jetpack!
Digit: Magic carpet!
Chatta: Ahhhh! Great comeback! Fixit, two! Digit, two!

  • The evil creature shows up.*

Chatta: A technomagic virus!

  • Fixit holds it inside a laser cage and Digit shoots something at it, but ends up destroying the cage*

Fixit: Hey!
Digit: I wanted to hit it!
Fixit: You'd have to be faster than me!

  • The attacks create a big hole on the ground*

Fixit: I won!
Digit: No, I destroyed it!
Chatta: Once again, the techno-duel ends in a tie! See you again next year, friends! Bye!

  • The virus then flies from the hole after everyone leaves. It flies around Pixieville and spreads chaos everywhere*

Scene: Molly Moo

Caramel: Hey, Digit, who won this year?
Digit: No one did yet! But it's only a matter of time till I do!
Caramel: I know I have trouble with technomagic appliances but this is ridiculous.
Cherie: Hey, Martino! Can I get a nice cold drink?
Martino: Sure!

  • He struggles to get one for her, but in the end, the fridge hits on him so he accidentally spills all the drink on her*

Martino: Ahh! No! Cherie, please don't cry! Please!
Cherie: My new dress! It's... it's ruined!

  • Rain pours inside as she cries. Martino runs outside*

Martino: What's going on with my hover-scooter?

  • Digit spots the virus*

Digit: The technomagic virus is back!

Scene: Toy Shop

Augustus: Good choice! It's the best toy we have! Satisfaction guaranteed! For you, one thousand pixiedollars.
Pixie #1: It's expensive, but...

  • The virus creates chaos again*

Pixie #1: He-e-e-elp!
Fixit: The technomagic virus!

  • Digit hits on Fixit*

Fixit: I guess you couldn't defeat the virus! I'll do it!
Digit: No, I'll take care of it!


Pixies: Help! Help! Help! Help!

  • Fixit and Digit solve the matter for a moment but the virus crashes everything again*

Fixit: We've got to get rid of that virus! He's out of control!
Digit: Yeah, he's become a real pest!

Scene: Pixie Plaza

Rollo: But, ladies, what if I give you a discount?
Fixit: There he is!

Scene: Chatta's House

Chatta: Hello? Yes, I'm just taking a breather, I've been so stressed, I need to relax! I think that I worry too much. I know!
Fixit: Don't worry, my device here will tell me where the virus went!

Scene: Cut & Dry Salon

Pam: Sure, I can fit you in tomorrow!
Pixie #2: Is this a new way of styling?

  • Fixit creates a pair of scissors to cut the virus but ends up cutting Pam's customers' hair*

Pam: Better leave the cutting to me next time!
Fixit: We're never gonna be able to stop that virus! He's like an obnoxious child!
Digit: I've got an idea! Let's put our powers together!

  • They transform*

Digit: PopPixie Power!
Fixit: PopPixie of Technomagic! Yes!
Digit: Can you create something to attract it? We have to be crafty! Don't forget he's just like a child!
Fixit: Let's go find our little friend!

Scene: Pixieville

Fixit & Digit: Hey

  • Their device captures the virus*

Digit: Nothing like an amusement park to make you happy!

  • Everything turns back to normal. People cheer*

Scene: Molly Moo

Digit: We have to celebrate with one of your best cakes, Caramel!
Fixit: We defeated the virus together! We both won, right?

  • Caramel struggles to open the oven again*

Fixit & Digit: Not the technomagic virus again!

  • They both attack but end up it's Tina and not the virus*
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