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An Elf in School is the seventeenth episode of the first season of PopPixie.


Two Elves take their unbearable son to Tune's school so she can keep an eye on him for a few hours.


Damien and his class
At the beginning of the episode, Tune was visited by a couple Elves. They told her about their son (Damien) who bullies his friends and destroys all the devices in their house. When they ask for help from Tune, she asks them why will not they send Damien to a school (but they do not know what a school is). After that, Damien's Father calls for Damien and introduces him to Tune. But when Tune is watching Damien, his parents ran away to go to a Elves-only party: they used Tune as a free babysitter. After this, Tune introduces the little Elf to the other pupils and told about the "Talent day" to use there talent wisely and earn their MagicPops. Damien saw this as the ideal change to ruin the changes for the little Pixies to earn their PopPixie Powers. After he succeeds in the sabotage three of the pupils, a shy Pixie named Camilla decided to use her talent to scare Damien away by letting him believe that she is a ghost. Camilla earns her MagicPop by doing this and became the Pop Pixie of illusion.

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