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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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An Elf in School

Scene: School

Mom: We know this is unusual.
Dad: We know children can be spirited.
Mom: We expect the rebellious phase... But Damian is completely out of control!
Dad: Pushing friends into tar pits...
Mom: Rewiring all the appliances...
Dad: We don't know what to do. Can you help us?
Tune: I'm sorry... you're elves, right?
Parents: Yes?
Tune: Don't you have schools for elves?
Mom: "Schools?"
Dad: What's this... "school"?
Tune: A place where your young can learn how to behave, develop a talent and proper manners.
Dad: "Manners"?
Mom: "Talent"?
Tune: There's a proper way to behave in every social setting. Oh! Today is Talent Day and I have to get ready. Hm...

  • Damian suddenly enters*

Dad: Hey! Come meet Ms. Tune!
Tune: Hello, Damian, a pleasure to meet you. Now before your parents leave, there are a few ground rules... we should... uhm... Where are your parents?
Mom: I told you I'd find a babysitter!
Tune: Let's get started.
Dad: Elf Island, here we come!
Tune: Good morning everyone! Now, as you all know, today is a special day that only comes once a year - Talent Day! I know that some of you are a little nervous, but don't be because we're all going to have lots of fun, as long as we remember the rules and don't get out of line.

  • Damian puts a scorpion on his classmate's head*

Tune: I've asked three of my friends to join us today, Ms. Chatta, Ms. Lockette and Mr. Fixit. They are all very accomplished Pixies. Now, are there any questions?

  • That classmate raises his hand*

Tune: Yes?
Pixie #1: Is he the new kid?
Tune: Yes, this is Damian's first day at our school, so I hope you'll all make him feel welcome.

  • He raises his hand again*

Tune: Yes?
Pixie #1: Why is he covering my leg with volcano ant honey?
Tune: Damian!

  • Damian blows the whistle and the ants appear and attack that poor classmate*

Tune: We do not feed our friends to volcanic fire ants! Wonderful! Now, let's get out there and see who needs help! Let Talent Day begin!
Pixie #1: Today I get my MagicPop!
Pixie #2: You said that after today we'll all be PopPixies! Right, Camilla?
Camilla: I don't know guys, my talent isn't all that... helpful.
Pixie #2: Camilla, everybody's talent is helpful to somebody. You just have to find out who.
Piff: Right!

Scene: Pixieville

Gnome #1: Mooky, come on! Let's go!
Fixit: What's the problem, sir?
Gnome #1: My driver won't move. I don't know what the problem is. He's just sitting there like a big fat purple carpet!

  • Mooky says something*

Gnome #1: How many times do I have to tell you? I don't understand your language, you flea bag!
Pixie #1: Hey! Mr. Fixit, I think I can help! I can understand magical creature language!

  • Fixit nods. The pixie starts using his powers*

Pixie #1: Hey there, Mooky! What seems to be the problem?

  • Mooky answers him in his language*

Pixie #1: He doesn't feel respected. He says you're a mean boss and he's not going anywhere until you're nicer to him.
Gnome #1: But... he... grrrr... I... OK! Tell him I'm s---s---sorry!

  • The pixie translates what the boss say to Mooky*

Pixie #1: He accepts your apology. Now where would you like to go?
Gnome #1: Well, I'd like to go to Molly Moo for some sweets!

  • When the pixie is about to translate it to Mooky, Damien does a trick to mess things up*

Pixie #1: He says okay, but first you need a shower because you smell like a pig and look like one too.

  • Mooky and the boss fight*

Pixie #1: I don't know what happened. I was speaking his language one minute, and the next I'm saying something awful.
Camilla: I'll try to do something.

  • Camilla tries using her powers but nothing works*

Lockette: Oooh... lemonade. Could we have two glasses, sir?

  • Damien messes the lemonade pitcher*

Gnome #2: Sorry, I'm afraid I can't. The lemonade is frozen solid.

  • He tries all possible methods but nothing changes*

Pixie #2: I hope I can help. That lemonade looks delicious!

  • She uses her powers*

Animal #1: That's great, you melted it! Yay!
Gnome #2: You're a life saver. How did you do that?

  • Damien messes the lemonade pitcher again*

Pixie #2: It was easy, I can melt things. I put my finger in... and then I pull my finger out... Uh! Then I take... my... finger... OUT! Ahh!!!
Pixie #3: Now... is the lemonade okay?

  • The vendor drinks it*

Gnome #2: That's not lemonade, it's lemon-lava!
Pixie #2: Camilla! Help!
Camilla: But... I can't!
Pixie #2: Please!

  • Everyone tries to help her, but the pitcher then covers the vendor's head.*

Gnome #2: Get this off of my head!

  • It then explodes and he's deliquesced*

Lockette: We can fix this... I hope!

  • Damien then jumps into the vendor and the liquid splashes everywhere*

Chatta: Hi Piff, any luck?
Piff: No, nothing!
Chatta: Well, stick with us. We're gonna get a MagicPop today, no matter what, right?
Camilla: If you say so...
Chatta: Come on, Camilla. Be positive. Everyone has a talent that's helpful!
Ronf: Why can't I sleep? I need to sleep!
Piff: Someone needs help!

  • Chatta knocks the door*

Gnome #3: Ronf! Get the door!
Ronf: Hello. Can I help you?
Chatta: No. But we can help you! We heard you're having trouble sleeping.
Ronf: I haven't been able to sleep for three days. Normally I can sleep anywhere, anytime!
Piff: I can fix that!
Ronf: A pixie can't help me. I'll get on all right by myself.
Gnome #3: Ronf! You left the toilet seat up again!
Ronf: Then again, I'm desperate. I'll try anything.
Piff: Let's get started.

Scene: Ronf's House

Piff: This is a hard one...
Chatta: Maybe you can try the special magic - milk! It works every time!

  • Damien puts bad things in the milk. Piff pours a glass and uses her magic on the spoiled milk*

Ronf: Warm milk. Why didn't I think of that!
Piff: How about... a lullaby? Sleep, my child. Sleep, honey. Sleep, my little one...

  • Damien makes loud nonsense noises and Ronf is up again*

Chatta: That little elf is ruining Talent Day!
Piff: Yeah!
Chatta: And Ronf's sleep!

  • Damien continues to torture Ronf with noises*

Chatta: How would he feel if someone hounded him all night so he couldn't sleep?
Piff: Ah!
Chatta: That's it! We'll teach him the golden rule! And you're the perfect Pixie for the job!
Camilla: Me?

  • Damien pulls another trick again. But the bed sheet becomes a ghost*

Camilla: Damian... Damian... You have been a very bad little elf, and have mistreated many people... Now you'll see what it feels like...

  • Many objects attack him*

Camilla: Now, Damian, are you EVER going to bother anyone again?

  • Camilla blows the whistle and the volcanic fire ants get him. Camilla shows herself and everyone hugs her in joy. Ronf is asleep and his wife waves them goodbye*

Narrator: When a Pixie uses her talent for good, the Tree of Life gives her a MagicPop, a magical sphere that turns a Pixie into a PopPixie.

Scene: School

Tune: Congratulations, Camilla! You used your talent well!
Chatta: You should all learn from Camilla. Look!

  • Her MagicPop appears and she transforms*

Narrator: Camilla, the PopPixie of Illusions!

  • Everyone cheers while Damien's parents walk him to the school*

Dad: Mrs. Tune!
Chatta: Oh no, look who's coming!
Tune: Oh boy! Everybody, hold hands with Camilla!
Camilla: What? Why?
Tune: Use your MagicPop and make us all invisible.

  • Camilla makes everyone invisible*

Mom: Hey! Lady?
Dad: I thought you said you could get those Pixies to babysit again! I want to go to a movie!
Mom: They've got to be here somewhere!
Camilla: Boo!

  • Damien freaks out and runs away*

Mom: What's gotten into that boy?

  • They all leave and the pixies show up*
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