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Gnomes Gone Mad is the eighteenth episode of PopPixie.



The Gnomes have gone mad and are treating the Pixies poorly. Upon request of the Pixieville Chronicle's editor, Chatta carries out an investigation.


The Gnomes have gone mad and are mistreating the Pixies. At the request of the editor of the Pixieville Chronicles, Chatta conducts an investigation and, aided by her friends, discovers that the perpetrators of the "madness" are the Elves, who have invented a machine to remotely guide Gnomes: Gnomvision. Thanks to this scoop Chatta hopes to become the official journalist of Pixieville, but...[1]


In the beginning of the episode, Chatta is kicked out of the Pixieville Chronicle. She hides in a box in order to sneak inside. When she arrives, she takes Flower's mojo and Plumb orders her to create a scoop. Outside, a mysterious mind control device makes the Gnomes go mad and treats the Pixies badly. Chatta goes to the bank, only to find that the Elves are taking over and Grind unfriending her. The door robot releases Chatta's money as Floxy catches it. Chatta is kicked out again and she is entered in Pixie Plaza. Lockette is quitting her job and Rollo fires her. Both Chatta and Lockette are pushed out. They find Cherie in danger and Livy arrives to transform. Lockette leads her friends to the Elves' house, only to find that Maxine and Rex are up to their dirty tricks. The Pixies go to Fixit's place, as Fixit warns them that they're using a hypnotic spell to control the Gnomes. Chatta comes to the rescue by using her voice to make the Gnomes go back to normal. After that, she earns her MagicPop and transforms. She arrives at the Chronicle once again and Flower thanks her for making the best scoop. Plumb kicks Chatta out for the third time, ending the episode.

Major Events





  • Even though Lenny and Yucca do not appear, Maxine and Rex play as the episode's main antagonists.


  • When Chatta earned her MagicPop, the narrator incorrectly refers her as the PopPixie of Vocal Power.


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