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Lenny & Yucca at War is the nineteenth episode of the first season of PopPixie.



Only Amore, the broken hearts specialist, will be able to help two separated Elves make up, but first she has to understand the Elves' real nature.


The Elves Lenny and Yucca quarrel and break up. Only Amore, the specialist in broken hearts, will be able to bring the two Elves back to make peace, although she must first understand the true nature of the Elves, who unlike the Pixies, are bullies and mischievous.[1]


At the beginning of the episode, Yucca was angry at Lenny because she thought that Lenny was no longer the Elf who she fell in love with. They both took the break-up on a different way: Yucca created a total chaos in the Molly Moo and in the clothing shop of Plisse, but the "extreme shopping" didn't help her to forget Lenny. Meanwhile, Lenny was helped by Amore, Chatta and Otis to get Yucca back. At the end of the episode, it turned out that breaking-up Yucca and Lenny was a plan from Rex and Maxine. The plan was to tell her at the Tree of Life that Lenny has left Pixieville, when she heard that she began to cry and her tears would destroy the tree and the MagicPops. But Livy warned Amore and she stopped Rex and Maxine. When Lenny also arrived,


he tried to get Yucca back in the classic Elves-way (by throwing mud in her face and shouting at her). Yucca became immediately back in love with him. The episode ends, when Yucca kissed Lenny at the fountain.


  • Sighphone Alarm
  • Elves Magic & Habits




  • This marks the second time a PopPixie transformation is seen twice in a row. In this case, Chatta.
    • The first time was with Fixit in episodes 15 and 16.


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