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The Gnomes' Gold Rush is the twenty-seventh episode of PopPixie.



The Gnomes' traditional gold rush is about to start in Pixieville. However, all the Gnomes have mysteriously disappeared from the city.


In Pixieville the traditional gold rush of the Gnomes is about to begin on the occasion of the day dedicated to the Old Miner: all Gnomes are so euphoric that they forget their daily activities, so much they focused on finding more gold than others in order to win the coveted trophy. In the meantime, Chatta invites her friends, including Pixie Mola, to a sleepover at her house... but everyone is very tired because of the Gnomes forcing them to work harder than usual. Chatta is so enraged that she wishes all the Gnomes would disappear from Pixieville. The next day, the magic really comes true, but the Pixies discover that underneath it is the hand of Rex and his gang, who have hypnotized the Gnomes to dig under the roots of the Tree of Life and thus weaken it. It will be up to Mola and her ability as a skilled digger to remedy the situation.[1]


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  • This marks the third time a PopPixie transformation is seen twice in a row with Livy.


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