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The Perfect Party is the twenty-eighth episode of PopPixie.



Cherie goes to her ex-boyfriend Arsenio's engagement party with Martino and Amore. But Arsenio's new girlfriend seems to be hiding something.


Cherie is invited to Arsenio's engagement party who, in addition to being a very rich and globetrotting Pixie, is her ex-boyfriend and the only one to have left her. Cherie, still in love with Arsenio, can not show up at the party without a new boyfriend, so she, in short of suitors, agrees to be accompanied by Martino. At the party Cherie and Martino discover that Gypsy Gipps, Arsenio's girlfriend, is none other than Masked Maxine who, together with Rex, Floxy and Narcissa, disguised as waiters, takes part in the party in order to steal a magical scepter from Arsenio that transforms everything that touches in gold! The timely intervention of Amore and her filter of truth will allow to reveal the plan of the Elves, but will trigger a series of comic situations among the guests, forced, in spite of themselves, to be honest...[1]



When Livy delivered a letter to Cherie, Lulu immediately recognized the seal of Prince Arsenio. Cherie opened the letter and a holographic version of the Prince told to her that he came to Pixieville. Cherie thought that he came to beg for forgiveness, but then he told her that he was going to marry. Cherie made-up a plan to make him jealous, so she "hired" Martino as her fiancé. At the party, Arsenio arrived and introduced his future bride: Miss Gypsy Gipps. But Cherie's plan failed, because Arsenio was not jealous at Martino; Martino and Arsenio became best friends. When Cherie walked into the hall of the Pixie Plaza, she saw Gypsy Gipps and three butlers talking to each other. Then she saw that "Gypsy Gipps" was really Maxine and the butlers were Rex, Floxy and Narcissa. With the help of Chatta's PopPixie Powers, Cherie heard that the four elves put a bomb into the cake and want to steal the golden scepter of Arsenio. Cherie and Martino tried to unmask the Elves, but they failed and get expelled from the party. After that, Amore gives them a magic potion that when someone drinks it he or she is forced to tell the truth. They succeeded to get the potion into Maxine's mouth, she told to Arsenio that she was an Elf and she and her friends wanted to steal his scepter. Arsenio became very disappointed, but then the bomb exploded and the podium was set on fire. In the chaos, Rex steals his scepter and runs away together his friends. But Cherie, Caramel and Martino succeeded in stopping them and Arsenio gets his scepter back. After that Arsenio says goodbye to Cherie, because he lost his trust in love. He said he will come back to Pixieville when he finds his trust.






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