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A Funny Pet is the twenty-ninth episode of PopPixie.



Lockette's cousin Giga, who is able to grow bigger and smaller, finds a long-tongued chameleon in the forest that has the same talent.


In Pixieville arrives Giga, Lockette's cousin who has the talent to shrink and grow and a keen passion for jokes. After making various troubles and squashing the Luminex berry laboriously recovered by Amore, Giga, to fix the problem, goes with Chatta to the forest to find a new berry... There the Pixies find a long-tongued chameleon, Longtongue who, due to of a thorn stuck in his foot, he has grown out of all proportion and wanders around madly, in pain... Giga helps the strange animal, then takes him along to the city, where Longtongue will cause a series of disasters! The Pixies will try to stop him, but only Giga will succeed in the enterprise thanks to his innate Talent, managing to get his MagicPop for the first time.[1]


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