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The Pixieville Grand Prix is the thirtieth episode of PopPixie.



Lockette decides to participate in the Pixieville Grand Prix and, thanks to her Pixie friends, the Pixie Plaza’s van is turned into a race car.


Everything is ready for the annual Pixieville Grand Prix, which will take place through the streets of the city. Anyone can participate: Gnomes, Pixies and even Elves, as long as no one uses magic during the race. The prize up for grabs is a trip to the Magic Dimension! Lockette decides to participate to make her dream come true, so she borrows the Pixie Plaza's service car but, on the way to grab the last available tickets to register, she is sent off the road by Lenny and the van is destroyed... but not her hope to participate in the Grand Prix. In fact, with the help of Pixie friends, the Plaza's car is back as new, indeed it becomes a real racing car, even if Fixit will drive it. The Grand Prix is a series of twists and turns, with the Elves who will implement all kinds of impropriety in order to win the race![1]


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  • This episode has no PopPixie transformation.


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