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A Stormy Talent Show is the thirty-first episode of PopPixie.



Cherie wants to compete in the Pixieville talent show, so her friends - who think Cherie has no chance of winning - sign up to lose voluntarily.


During a little party at Cherie's house, Chatta breaks in with a news: a talent contest has been held in Pixieville, whoever manages to entertain the public wins! Fixit, Martino and Caramel are convinced they will win the first prize, but Cherie intervenes, to everyone's bewilderment, saying that she will be the winner. The Pixies, after learning that Cherie has never won a trophy, to avoid a disappointment to her friend, who with her attitude could never win the contest, decide to lose voluntarily, each failing in their own test. Meanwhile, Floxy also shows willingness to participate, amid the scorn and disappointment of the other Elves. Disguised as a Pixie, Floxy sneaks into the contest and with a spell creates a crystal monster that sows panic in the auditorium. Cherie will be the one to resolve the situation, even if she fails to win her first trophy.[1]


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  • Floxy was spelled as Floxi in the Italian synopsis.


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