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WOW2-1 (A Touch of Magic)
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A Stormy Talent Show

Scene: Cherie's Mansion

  • Caramel and Martino are dancing*

Cherie: Happy?
Amore: Yes

  • Fixit comes*

Fixit: Hey everybody! Wanna have a sneak peak at my latest invention?

  • Fixit creates a dome*

Cherie: What does it do, Fixit?
Fixit: It intensifies the sun's beams, so you'll get a suntan quicker!
Caramel, Amore, Lockette: That's great!
Cherie: Ahh! My lily white skin! Get me out from under this thing right now!

  • It's raining and lightnings start striking*

Fixit: Huh?

  • The dome disappears*

Cherie: Hmm! Fixit, you should know by now that my skin is way more sensitive than the common Pixie's!

  • Chatta comes*

Chatta: Hey, guys! I've got news!

  • The pixies are all wet*

Chatta: It's good news! The town is holding a talent competition! Let's see... "The winner is the Pixie who uses his or her talent to make the audience happy"!
Fixit: Winning this will be a piece of cake! All the "common" Pixies will go crazy over my invention.
Martino: Easy there, that trophy's already mine! No girl can resist my talent!

  • Martino throws drinks to the girls*

Caramel: Sorry guys, but the prize is mine! I'll win with one of my fantastic cakes!
Cherie: I wouldn't even bother to enter, guys! I'm going to win that prize!
Lockette: Have you ever won a trophy, Cherie?
Cherie: Have I ever won?! Lulu! Show them all my trophies!

  • Lulu shows all things on Cherie's bag*

Cherie: Lulu! I told you to show them my trophies!

  • Black clouds come again*

Cherie: That's enough! You're excused.
Lulu: Huh?
Cherie: I don't need you anymore!
Lockette: Look around Cherie, you're surrounded by trophies.
Amore: Yeah, I don't know anyone else who could afford all this stuff!
Cherie: How is it possible that I've never won a competition?
Chatta: Then this Talent Competition will be your chance to win your first trophy!
Cherie: You're right, Chatta! All I have to do is participate in the contest and then everyone will vote for me!

  • All the pixies shocked*

Martino: Huddle!
Caramel: Great, Chatta! Now what?!
Lockette: Guys, we need to help Cherie. She'll never win the contest with that attitude.
Caramel: Right! But how can we help her?
Lockette: We could always lose on purpose. Everybody, in?

  • All nod*

Martino: One, two, three.
All: Break!

Scene: Elves' Lair

Floxy: Hey, guys! They're holding a talent contest in this town. Whoever makes the audience happiest wins!
Narcissa: You numbskull! It says Pixies only!
Floxy: So what?! I'm the most talented guy around. Watch!

  • Floxy start jiggling*

Rex: Floxy, you're not going to go hang around with the Pixies!
Floxy: I'm telling you! I can win!
Narcissa: What's wrong with you? Didn't you hear Rex?

  • Narcissa breaks the eggs*

Narcissa: Yuck! Your tricks are disgusting! You'd never win!
Maxine: Urg!!! Luckily we have Rex and Lenny! Otherwise our reputation would be ruined!
Narcissa: Hear that, Floxy?! Stop it once and for all with your...
Floxy: How 'bout this one? They'll find my sticky pump irresistible!

  • Narcissa is mad*

Floxy: It works! I told you I was the best!
Narcissa: It's hopeless! I have a worthless boyfriend.

  • All the elves laugh*

Floxy: I'll show them! All I need is the perfect disguise and my Book of Jokes.

  • Floxy leaves*

Scene: Outside Talent Contest

Rollo: Talent?
Cherie: Just being me! I'm Cherie!
Rollo: Um, that doesn't sound like a talent! Ah!
Grind: Great, now if you'll just sign here...
Cherie: What? Huh? A bank account?
Grind: Yes, your very own bank account! When you win, you'll have a place to put your prizemoney!
Cherie: AHHHH! If I win I'll obviously spend all the money on clothes!
Rollo: Hey, what's going on?! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!
Lenny: These Pixies are gross! I think they need some stinging powder!
Martino: Alright, guys, we've got to do our best to lose!
Yucca: The Pixies are becoming more deceitful than us!
Fixit: Making sure Cherie wins is going to be tough! We Pixies have talent coming out of our ears!

Scene: Elves' Lair

Lenny: Hey, guess what?! The Pixies want to sabotage the Talent Contest!
Rex, Maxine, Narcissa: Huh?
Yucca: They're gonna lose on purpose so that Cherie can win!
Maxine: We're the only ones allowed to sabotage that contest!
Rex: Yeah, and then we've got to stop Floxy from winning!

Scene: Stage

MC: Let the first Annual Pixieville Talent Contest begin! Let's start with one of the crowd's favorites... Martino!

Scene: Backstage

Martino: Hahaha...
Chatta: Remember! Do your best, I mean, your worst!

Scene: Stage

  • Crowd cheering. Martino jiggles but all the items drop down*

Martino: Oh no! What did I do? I'll try again for you girls! Hey, cutie, can I have a sip?

  • The pixie throws a can to Martino*

Martino: And you, how about a bite from your sandwich!?

  • The second pixie throws a sandwich to him*

Martino: Hahaha...

  • Martino bites the sandwich and drink*

Martino: Hey, cutie, don't I deserve a kiss, huh?
Caramel: What is that numbskull doing?

  • Caramel throws a cake at him. The pixies throws fruits to Martino, Martino catches a watermelon and throws it at Caramel. Caramel throws back two cakes but Martino dodges*

Caramel: Oh yeah? Take this, little brother!

  • Caramel throws a huge cake at Martino but Martino jumps aside so the cake falls on audience instead*

Scene: Backstage

Lockette: They're ruining our plan!

Scene: Stage

Amore: My love predictions never fail! The love of your life just so happens to be in this very room! I can see him! He has red hair. And a green t-shirt with a dinosaur on it!
Nerdy Pixie: Hahahahaha!!!
Pixie #1: Yes, I've always loved you! But I've never had the courage to tell you!

  • The nerdy pixie cries and runs away*

Scene: Backstage

MC: And now it's time for the amazing soap bubbles number!

Scene: Stage

Floxy (in disguise): "Soapy dust turn bubbles into stinky disgust!"

  • The spell works*

Scene: Backstage

Cherie: I know what will make the audience happy!
Chatta: Oh! What is it? What is it?
Cherie: Knowing more about me!
Chatta: Hmm...
Cherie: My hopes, my dreams. I have so many good qualities! Lulu!
Chatta: Poor you! The "burden" of fame!
Cherie: These are only the most important ones!
MC: Ladies and Gentlemen, now here is a Pixie...

Scene: Stage

MC: ...who will amuse you with his tricks!

  • Floxy (in disguise) appears*

Floxy (in disguise): Haha!
Rex (in disguise): That's it! We've got to stop him!

  • Rex pops Floxy's motorbike's tire*

Scene: Backstage

Cherie: Hey, you! How dare you? That was my speech!
Floxy (in disguise): I'm not wasting my time with some spoiled Pixie!

  • Cherie blows Floxy's cover*

Pixies: Floxy!

Scene: Stage

  • Floxy enters the stage*

Floxy: Now, I'd like to perform one of my favorite tricks!
Audience: Boo! Boo!
Pixie #2: Get off the stage, Elf!
Floxy: Ungrateful crowd! Hah! "Diamond item turn into mayhem!"

  • The spell works. A diamond monster appears. The audience runs away*

Narcissa (in disguise): Wow! That was really wicked!
Floxy: I told you I was the best!

Scene: Backstage

Fixit: We've got to stop that big ape!
Caramel: I'm coming with you!
Martino: We'll take care of the Elves!
Fixit and Caramel: PopPixie Power!

  • PopPixie transformation*

Caramel: PopPixie of Super-strength!
Fixit: PopPixie of Techno-magic!

  • Transformation ends*

Scene: Stage

  • Fixit creates a dome cover the judges. Caramel brings stuck audiences away*

Lenny (in disguise): Hey, Pixies! Feel like dancing?

  • Chatta summons a hairdryer and it blows the trick back to Lenny and Yucca*

Chatta: They sure look like monkeys, don't they?

  • Rex blows things to Martino, the diamond monster chases Cherie and Lockette. Fixit covers them. Caramel attacks the monsters but it grabs her*

Cherie and Lockette: Oh, no!
Narcissa (in disguise): Look like your sweet little friend's about to become a milkshake!
Floxy: Maybe you should join her! "Make those nuisances into a soft substance!"

  • Speakers melt*

Cherie: PopPixie Power!

  • PopPixie transformation*

Cherie: PopPixie of Weather!

  • Transformation ends. Cherie blows all the elves to a swamp*

Cherie: Let my friend go, you big ape!

  • Cherie attacks the monster*

Cherie: That's enough!

  • The monster breaks into pieces and the gnomes gather to gather diamond pieces*

Lulu: You were awesome, Madame!
Chatta: Too bad about the contest. So now you can't win your first trophy! Actually I'd be surprised if you ever won a trophy...
Cherie: At least you can still enjoy part of my speech! Lulu! Read!
Lulu: But, Madame...
Cherie: I said read!
Grind: Yes, please, we can't wait to listen to your speech, Cherie!
Lulu: "Punish with a scalpel turn into crystal who covet it!"

  • The spell works. The gnomes become diamond statues*

Cherie: Wouldn't they make the perfect garden gnomes for my Villa Oleander?

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