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Amore and the Quarreling Dragons is the thirty-third episode of PopPixie.



Amore, Otis and Wiki journey to recover the famous Lost Ladle of the Cave Gnomes, but two dragons are also searching for the artifact.


Amore, accompanied by her trusted assistants, travels to the Dragons' Land to retrieve the famous Lost Ladle from the Cave Gnomes, a magical item so powerful that it can brew any potion on its own. Unexpectedly, Amore collides with an Ice Dragon and a Fire Dragon who, for a bet, must find a unique item for their collection. For a series of daring events, Amore will be able to take the ladle, but she will be chased by the dragons to Pixieville, where the two creatures will put the city on fire to take the object at all costs. It will be up to Amore to resolve the situation, thanks to the power of the ladle![1]


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  • Triple transformation sequence (Caramel/Martino/Morpho).
    • Morpho's transformation sequence.
    • Caramel's second full transformation sequence.


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  • In this episode, half of Lockette's transformation sequence is different from the other episodes.
  • This episode marks the first time four PopPixie transformations are seen.


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